Indian Matchmaking is back with season 3 as Sima Aunty continues to find her clients their soulmates, so let’s meet the cast.

Love Is Blind may have ended, but it’s time to buckle up for yet another dating show.

Marriage consultant Sima Taparia – known as Sima Aunty to her clients – is returning to wave her magic romance wand on new and returning faces on Indian Matchmaking season 3.

The eight-episode series will once again follow a group of South Asian singles across the globe as they search for their partners.

Show creator Smriti Mundhra promised the upcoming season to be the “most romantic yet”, so let’s get to know the hopeful stars.

Sima Aunty smiling on Indian Matchmaking S3
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Who are the cast of Indian Matchmaking season 3?

Viral Joshi

 Viral Joshi smiling in Indian Matchmaking
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Age: 33

Job: Clinical research associate

Partner: Aashay Shah

Born in North Carolina, Viral was first introduced in season 2 as an independent, career-minded pharmaceutical developer. Her family is originally from the Gujarat region in Indian and relocated to the US before she was born.

The then-32-year-old left a strong impression as she admitted she wasn’t looking for her “better half”. Instead, she was searching for her equal to build an empire together.

She found that trait in Aashay Shah and season 3 has promised to document their budding romance.

Aashay Shah

Aashay Shah in Indian Matchmaking S2
Credit Netflix Media Player – Indian Matchmaking S2 EP 6

Age: 37

Job: Doctor of Optometry

Partner: Viral Joshi

Aashay Shah was introduced in season 2 episode 6 as Viral’s potential partner. The pair’s first meeting took place at Viral’s South Carolina home, with her parents in attendance – no pressure at all.

Born in Gujarat, he has the ideal background as Viral’s beau and is just as committed to his family values as she is.

He stands at 5ft 11in, which also ticked off Viral’s minimum height requirement. Despite a minor bump in their romance, when Aashay was late for their date, season 2 ended with the couple totally smitten. so season 3 will watch their journey unfold.

Rushali Rai

Indian Matchmaking's Rushali Rai smiling while sitting at a table
Credit Netflix Media Player – Indian Matchmaking S1 EP5

Age: 27

Job: Actress and model

Rushali Rai is still searching for her soulmate after a failed date with Pradhyuman Maloo in season 1. Born in Delhi, India, the Punjabi English literature graduate is known for her beauty queen background.

She was crowned Miss Delhi 2014 and was a Miss India 2015 finalist. Despite being a model, the 27-year-old prefers to dive into a good book, rather than snapping selfies for social media.

Rushali even confessed that she doesn’t like taking pictures.

Priya Ashra

Indian Matchmaking's Priya Ashra strolling in a garden as her unidentified partner's wraps his arm around her
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Age: 35

Job: Private chef and supper club host

The season 2 finale ended across the pond in London, UK as Sima Aunty took control of Priya Ashra’s love life.

Chef Priya resides in North London and was searching for a 6ft man with a top-knot hairstyle and one earring. Yes, she was very specific. Turn off’s included tight shirts, shirts with a dragon emblazoned on them, and eyebrows that are overly groomed.

Ashra is getting back in the game after a divorce, and judging from the above photo sneak peek, Sima Aunty has found her a keeper.

Arti Lalwani

Indian Matchmaking's Arti Lalwani smiling in S3 EP5
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Age: 32

Job: Director of risk management and privacy knowledge leader

Arti has been unlucky in love, so she’s returning to season 3. The 32-year-old is a finance graduate from Georgia State University and has since transitioned to a career in risk management in tech.

Now recognized as an industry female leader, Arti currently works at A-LIGN, a computer and network security company based in Florida.

Bobby Seagull

Indian Matchmaking's Bobby Seagull smiling in Netflix trailer
Credit Netflix youtube channel

Age: 39

Job: Math teacher and TV personality

Bobby is no stranger to reality TV. The “frequently friendzoned” teacher has appeared on several British shows, including University Challenge, Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide To Britain, and the upcoming Celebrity Hunted.

Due to a South Indian tradition, his first name is Jay, the same as his three siblings. Jay – or Jai – is a common first name within the Hindu culture. Their family name is reportedly Jose.

Bobby’s brothers are called Jay Dave, Jay John, and Jay Thomas. Their parents are from Kerala, India but now live in East Ham.

When he’s not appearing on British TV, you’ll find him hosting the Maths Appeal podcast or writing a new book. His work, The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers, was published in October 2018.

We’re rooting for Bobby because he introduced himself as “desperate” in the trailer – Sima Aunty, please help!

Vikash Mishra

Vikash Mishra smiling in Indian Matchmaking S3 confessional
Credit Netflix media player – Indian Matchmaking S3 EP3

Age: 39

Job: ER doctor

Vikash is ready to find The One after being unlucky in love. According to his friends, the 39-year-old has always placed much emphasis on looks, but now he’s searching for a good person with a stellar personality.

He is the self-proclaimed life of the party due to his impressive dancing skills, but that doesn’t mean he can keep his standards high. Sima Aunty advises Vikash to lower his expectations; after all, he has 10 criteria for his ideal partner.

Pavneet Kaur

Pavneet Kaur smiling in Indian Matchmaking S3 confessional
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Age: 30

Job: PR and marketing professional

Independent entrepreneur and marketing expert Pavneet is turning to Sima Aunty for an understanding and accepting partner. As a lover of solo trips, her last relationship broke down as her ex found it difficult to adjust to Pavneet traveling alone.

Her ideal partner is adventurous, smart, ambitious, and preferably tall, given that she is 6ft.

Indian Matchmaking season 3 will air on Netflix on April 21, 2023.

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