There was a time when Megan Barton-Hanson was the most despised human in the villa. We remember this bygone era fondly. It was known as the glory days. The days of Smeg.

Megan had just caught wind that Wes Nelson wanted to cash-in on his old and rundown motor. You know, that Fiat 500 Anderson thing.

Wes wanted a test drive on the new and revamped model, Megan, and who could blame him?

This model had all the modern bodywork in a customized rear and bonnet, with a hefty £25,000 chucked at remodelling the exterior design through lip fillers and eyebrow work.

Laura Anderson was a sputtering broken record. She had to go.

However, Megan’s move to latch onto Wes and beg him for a kiss quickly earnt her the nickname of Muggy Meg. Better yet, snakey Meg – Smeg.

An initial public outcry had fans calling for Smeg’s head. Journalists across the U.K delved into her personal life and brought plenty of firepower to the Megan Barton-Hanson public execution.

A stripper? A sl*tty Instagram account? A secret sugar daddy? We had a lot to work with.

Yet, nine days before the Love Island 2018 final, Megan is sitting pretty in the villa. Hell, it wouldn’t be the most outrageous of claims to say that Megan and Wes could finish second.

Hold on. Have Y’all Forgot About Smeg?

Through the character development of other Love Island stars, it’s dawned on the general public that everyone in series four is pretty damn annoying.

Georgia Steel earns the trophy for the meltdown on the year. Once the nation’s sweetheart, G’s fall from grace has seen her depart the villa with one annoying word associated to her name and nothing more.

Then there’s Laura Anderson, the so-called OG victim.

Well, we just watched lightning strike twice, as Laura’s villa boyfriend ditched her for a younger model, and there were few groans of sympathy on social media.

Even the ‘beloved’ resident doctor, Alex George, has fallen out of favour with the U.K’s entire 16-25 population.

This is the businesses stage of Love Island, the compassion tank is out.

But by vehemently disliking everyone else over the past few weeks, snakey Megan Barton-Hanson has slithered her way back onto the list of acceptable and likeable characters.

“Megan has changed, Megan is in love, Megan is pure at heart.”

Just a bunch of gibberish, motherf*ckers act like they forgot about Smeg.

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