Love Island and Celebs Go Dating star Megan Barton-Hanson is one of the most beloved yet trolled reality TV personalities in the UK.

The 25-year-old made her name inside ITV’s famous villa although she was constantly scrutinised for her past, with journalists across the country digging up info on her glamour modelling career and surgical procedures.

However, Megan has never tried to hide her surgery, explaining in interviews that she proceeded with the varying operations for her own self-confidence yet adding that it never cut to the core of her physiological problems.

Now a poster girl for reality TV fans, some applaud Megan as an open and honest role model while others condemn her for supporting negative images of how young women should look.

Here’s a rundown of Megan Barton-Hanon’s Instagram vs reality… just so you’re under no false illusions.

Megan Barton-Hanson: Instagram

The Love Island 2018 star has close to 2 million followers on Instagram and regularly models for fashion and beauty brands.

While you may spend a good few minutes trying to take the perfect for the Gram’, Meg could take up to several hours for that one photo you see online.

During an interview on Kathy Burke’s All Women documentary series, the 25-year-old explained that it takes “hours” to get ready for a red carpet event and “a couple of pictures”.

Such as the below:

Reality vs Instagram

Megan has never photographed herself on Instagram without make-up. Even on Celebs Go Dating – currently airing on E4 from Thursday to Sunday – the brunette beauty hasn’t rocked up to the dating agency in anything less than a full makeover.

With a full make-up team during shoots and various brand sponsors offering her the latest and best products, it’d be extremely difficult for anyone at home to attempt to replicate her Instagram looks without both money and a lot of dedicated time.

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Doll face ❤️

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Perhaps the closest thing we have to see the ‘real-life’ Megan when she’s chilling at home watching Netflix is through tabloid paparazzi shots.

When it comes to Instagram photos, you have to take into account the lighting, body position and skill it takes to highlight certain body parts while ignoring others.

In the nearly-nude bikini type photos, Megan – like everybody – can look completely different depending on the photo.

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Baby, Darling, Doll Face, Honey 🍯

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Megan’s plastic surgery: Before and after

While Megan’s plastic surgery has always been known of, it’s only recently where she has directly spoken about the procedures, categorially explaining that she’d had; lip filler, a nose job, two boob job, surgery on her ears and veneers for her teeth.

Speaking about her surgery, Megan told Kathy Burke:

My biggest thing is that I don’t want girls to have unrealistic expectations like I did. I thought id have my boobs done, I’ll have my nose done and I’ll be so confident. But it didn’t change anything. It changes the outside shell but you’re still dealing with all of these insecurities and self-esteem issues that you had before.

A note from the writer

This article is not designed to lambast and vilify Megan Barton-Hanson.

Instagram plays a pivotal part in reality TV and it is important to highlight the differences between what we see on TV and on social media to what we really goes on when the camera lights blink red.

Comments are more than welcome.

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