Series four of Celebs Go Dating has not been going particularly well for former Love Island 2017 contestant Mike Thalassitis. And, seemingly, he’s had enough of it.

Known as “muggy” Mike before the show even started, Mike has cemented his nickname in celebrity stardom through series of cringe-worthy dates.

Mike’s inability to cool his tongue when it comes to sexual innuendo, and pushing himself forward on dates in attempts to woo them back to his hotel room, has not gone down with fans on social media

On episode 13 of the show, and with just seven remaining, the Celebs Go Dating agency threw a masquerade mixer to try and up the celebs chances of finding love.

Mike provided his usual ill-mannered charisma, before losing his cool with Celebs Go Dating agents Nadia and Eden.

Screen Shot: Muggy Mike Thalassitis
Screen Shot: Muggy Mike Thalassitis

The former semi-professional footballer dived straight into the action, flirting between guests and opening with “you’ve got a cracking set of tits” to the first masked beauty he bumped into.

Nice stuff Mike.

His usual rude charm even wore-off on the men as Seb Morris was first introduced to the other Celebs Go Dating clients.

Frowning his face as Seb attempted to join the gang, Mike said to camera:

“There’s only one naughty boy at this agency – and I’m bigger than him anyway.”

Screen Shot: Muggy Mike meets Seb Morris
Screen Shot: Muggy Mike meets Seb Morris

Moody Mike next clashed with one of his former dates and was visibly aggravated by the fact he hadn’t seen any new girls at the masked ball.

Two more of Mike’s previous dates were caught mingling, and they went on to confront Mike as to why he kissed one of them moments after asking the other out for dinner.

To put that simpler, he asked the one on the right out for a date then proceeded to kiss the one on the left.

Screen Shot: Mike and his dates
Screen Shot: Mike and his dates

At this point and Mike’s blood was boiling, he exclaimed “I didn’t come here to take sh*t from dates” and went to confront the dating specialists.

Face to face with his enemy, Mike said: “There’s nothing here for me.”

Nadia tried to interrupt, saying “you cant just walk around and say you don’t fancy them” and explained how “juvenile” Ol’ Muggy was coming across with his instant dismissal of women.

Screen Shot: Muggy Mike confronts the Celebs Go Dating agents
Screen Shot: Muggy Mike confronts the Celebs Go Dating agents

Mike bit back saying: “I feel like you are failing me.”

And, before Eden could swing back with “no, you are failing us” and Mike stormed off from the ball, departing the agents with a very sarcastic “thanks”.

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