“Muggy” Mike Thalassitis failed to win over many fans during his stint on Love Island 2017. Now, on Celebs Go Dating, and he’s doing the exact thing – grossing out audiences.

The 25-year-old former semi-professional footballer quit the game after his appearance on Love Island eight months ago, committing to a new life in a showbiz.

However, life on the TV screen hasn’t been as easy as expected for Mike, with the British public tending to vent their disgust at his personality more than any forms of admiration.

In episode six of Channel 4’s new Celebs Go Dating series and the celebrity cast were whisked away to Edinburgh for a dating holiday. Or as Mike would call it, the lads’ away day.

It started with some unusual group date scenarios, where at least Mike was able to prove he can be quick-witted at times.

Mike continued to be his usual arrogant, cock-sure and boisterous self, although this time around he seemed to take it one step too far.

On his first date and Mike repeatedly got the name of his date wrong, before saying to camera that he didn’t care Abu the mistake “because he didn’t fancy her”.

In previous episodes and Mike has been seen taking the front foot in conversations, leading his victims – sorry dates – into raunchy conversations on sex.

Next, paired with beautiful blonde Stephanie for another date, and Steph attempted to match Mike’s flirtatious manner, opening up a steamy chat on what she likes in the bedroom.

Kudos, the audience thought, perhaps Mike has met his match.

Bolshy Mike obviously felt like sex chat was an area he could only go from strength to strength in, saying to Steph about her bedroom preferences:

“Speak code because I can understand code, go on.”

Stephanie replied: “I like it when the male takes control.”

However, Mike brushed aside Steph’s statement by quipping “standard – what else?” and taking a quick sip of his red wine like a true king of the dating world.

Twitter shivered with goosebumps as Mike’s chat grew increasingly inappropriate.

Then, in a piece to camera, and Mike controversially went on to blast his date, attempting to take some sort of moral high ground as if he had suddenly decided that openly talking about sex was a bad thing.

He said: “Mate, when am I gonna find a bird that’s hard to get?”

Twitter blew up in anger at old Muggy, repelled by his dating style and furious at his reaction to camera following his date with Stephanie.

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