Are Nelson and Berna from The Challenge dating?

Are Nelson and Berna from The Challenge dating?

Nelson and Berna were reunited on The Challenge aftermath show on September 29th, following a season of showmance between them.

They both took part in the Spies, Lies and Allies season, which proved a difficult one for Berna, who felt the entire house went against her.

Their co-star Amber brought up their relationship on the MTV show, leaving viewers to question if Berna and Nelson are still dating.

Reality Titbit has gathered reactions from fans, and explored how Berna and Nelson’s relationship is going since filming wrapped up.

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The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge: Nelson and Berna

Nelson and Berna appeared to be hitting it off romantically on The Challenge, which included getting into bed for a cuddle bed together.

However, he then appeared to be sleeping with co-star Ashley.

Despite this, the romance between Berna and Nelson continued, with him revealing their connection is “special”.

They both had friendship challenges in the house, like Berna crying to the female rookies, and Nelson making Emy feel guilty for stealing CT.

Devin also revealed he was the real reason Emy knew what to do in order to take CT from Berna.

Are Nelson and Berna still dating?

No, Berna confirmed that nothing came from their romance on the show.

Berna recently joined The Challenge: Aftermath show virtually as a surprise for Nelson, with his co-stars noting how much he was smiling.

Despite this, Berna had responded to Amanda Garcia on Instagram by confirming that she is not seeing Nelson.

It comes after Amanda shared a photo of Nelson dancing with a girl, with the caption: “Berna who?”

Berna reposted the photo onto her story, which hinted that they may have been together on the show.

She said:

Like for real I think you’re not up to date I really don’t mind. I’m happy if [Nelson] is happy. We became friends and I am living life just as him. Periodt. Great picture tho.

Fans react to Nelson and Berna

One fan was fully supportive of the pair. They wrote: “This whole Nelson/Ashley situation is gonna end in tears.

“I don’t know why Nelson thought it would be smart to hook up with Ashley (he was just applying for drama) and I’m hoping he fully pursues Berna (I think they’re cute).”

Another said: “I’m sorry…Nelson better try and get with Berna cause she’s fine. #TheChallenge37#TheChallenge.”

Others weren’t so keen about their romance, and said: “Nelson having a Cuddle Session with Berna and then diving into Ashley’s bed to have s*x.

“This is going to end in Disaster, but it’s why I love this show lmaooo.”



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