Netflix: Meet the Sex Love and Goop couples and cast

Netflix is bringing out a new season led by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, as she guides couples hoping to get more intimate, alongside experts.

Six relationships are shown on camera, as they talk about all things in the bedroom, opening up about their own personal stories with intimacy.

With an aim to gain more pleasure with their other half, Gwyneth gives an insight into how her wellness and lifestyle brand Goop works.

We found out who the Sex, Love and Goop couples are, including all there is to know about their relationship. Line-up revealed below…

Sex, Love & goop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sex, Love & goop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Sex Love and Goop experts

The team of sex and relationship experts join Gwyneth on her quest to help improve sexual lifestyles for couples.

We can reveal the line-up of experts on Sex Love and Goop:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow – Founder of Goop
  • Jaiya – Somatic sexologist
  • Darshana – Erotic wholeness coach
  • Michaela – Relationship expert
  • Amina – Intimacy coach
  • Katarina Wittich – family constellations expert

Camille and Shandra

Camille and Shandra are a same-sex couple who were nervous.

However, they were later seen comfortably sitting in underwear when the experts helped them to see intimacy as a non-shameful matter.

The couple had struggled with body image issues, which is why experts teach them to look in the mirror naked and say they are beautiful.

They were also taught to experiment using pleasure toys.

SEX, LOVE & GOOP. (L to R) CAMILLE and SHANDRA in SEX, LOVE & GOOP. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2021

Rama and Felicitas

Rama and Felicitas were previously close to getting a divorce.

The married couple turned to the experts for help in the bedroom, with Rama later admitting he initially had blinders on.

They try to experiment by touching each other with blindfolds on.

Felicitas explained she did not expect they could have “made these leaps”, as her and Rama appear to be closer than ever by the end of the show.

SEX, LOVE & GOOP. (L to R) RAMA and FELIEITAS in SEX, LOVE & GOOP. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2021

Erika and Damon

Damon and Erika try out blindfolds while using objects on the show, with Erika revealing it was a high ‘5’ on the 1-5 pleasurable scale.

However, Damon’s parents had initially been wondering why he doesn’t have any babies with Erika yet.

They are introduced to the five blueprints, from energetic, to kinky, and so on, and are informed that most couples have different preferences.

Damon said: “No matter what it looked like on camera, if you haven’t felt that before…”, before making a hissing noise.

SEX, LOVE & GOOP. (L to R) ERIKA, DAMON and JAIYA in SEX, LOVE & GOOP. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2021
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Sera and Dash

Sera and Dash face some tears during their time on the show, and are guided as they work through difficult emotions.

The couple experiments by using touch, like back massages.

SEX, LOVE & GOOP. (L to R) SERA and DASH in SEX, LOVE & GOOP. Cr. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2021



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