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Netflix: What did Rodrigo say about Dayanne on Love is Blind Brazil?

Rodrigo and Dayanne hit it off on Love is Blind: Brazil, which recently Netflix launched following the popularity of its original series.

It is the show where strangers meet and speak through a wall, before going on a honeymoon and living together for the ultimate test.

Set in Brazil, Rodrigo and Dayanne’s bond never faltered even when they came face-to-face, showing how strong their connection really was.

However, at one point, Rodrigo said something about Dayanne which she never actually revealed. We explored which comment he made about her.

Casamento às Cegas Brasil | Trailer Oficial | Netflix

Casamento às Cegas Brasil | Trailer Oficial | Netflix

Who are Rodrigo and Dayanne?

Financial Advisor Rodrigo is from São Paulo and describes himself as an “eccentric guy.” His ideal partner would be someone who is independent.

He said: “I believe it’s very me to find someone in an unusual way.”

Rodrigo admitted that in his past relationships he would “run away” once he realised that his ex-partners were falling in love with him.

Born in the North East of Brazil, 31-year-old Dayanne came to Sao Paulo as a child and has lived there all her life. She currently works as a banker.

She said:

I was happy being single until recently and through a self-discovery journey the longings and the desire to have someone by my side to share my life with embraced me strongly.

What Rodrigo said about Dayanne

Although it was never completely addressed, we do know that Rodrigo spoke to his male co-stars about his intimacy with Dayanne.

She revealed to camera that she feels very exposed that Rodrigo had been speaking to the other men about it, in what she thought was a vulgar way.

Rodrigo denied speaking to the other men about the intimate side of their relationship, but later admits that he messed up.

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Are Rodrigo and Dayanne together?

Looking at their Instagram profiles, there is no sign of any pictures together, but they do follow each other on the platform.

It looks like they may have walked away from Love is Blind: Brazil as friends. Plus, more proof in the pudding: Rodrigo is single on Facebook.

Currently, it doesn’t appear as though they are still together. They may have hit it off, but they faced issues when they began living in the same place.

This included Dayanne feeling like Rodrigo could not take any matters seriously, while her untidiness bothered him in return.

She spent most of the time on the show in tears, revealing that he seemed to be using excuses to get out of any situation, which bothered her.



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