Netflix’s reality TV series Are You The One is getting popular again, so let’s re-introduce the season 1 cast. Amber, Andrean and co in 2021!

When it comes to acting series and films, Netflix pretty much covers any genre you want – but reality TV is still fairly new to the streaming service.

Are You The One is an American TV series is basically a very similar Love Island, as more than 20 singletons try to find their perfect match.

Let’s get an update on the Are You The One season 1 cast! Where are they?

Screenshot: Are You The One, Episode 1 Season 1, Netflix

Amber Lee Diamond

Amber is now married to Ethan, who she met on MTV’s Are You The One!

They are a family of four, as parents to two daughters Scarlett and Serena.

Amber, now 29, and Ethan got married in 2014, in an intimate ceremony.

Adam Kuhn

Adam starred on MTV’s The Challenge in Panama, five years ago.

Now residing in Austin, Texas, he has been working on his fitness, which has seen a huge body transformation.

He said 2018 was the toughest year of his life, after his former roommate allegedly stole everything he owned while Adam was on a work trip.

Adam has a little furry friend, who tends to keep him company often!

Brittany Baldassari

Brittany is now in a relationship with baseball pitcher Ryan Dull.

She spends most of her time telling pro athlete’s stories on The Bos Babes Lifestyle Sports podcast.

The Are You The One star is also host of ME Redclaws On Court Celtics.

Chris Scali

Chris is now living in Brooklyn, where he regularly goes motor riding.

He is the founder and CEO of WOMME app, which shares the services of local workers such as dog walkers, DJs and handymen.

Chris is also the chief concierge at global company Dream Hotels.

Coleysia Chestnut

Coleysia is now a mum to her two-year-old son Randall.

As well as being on the Engineering Workforce Management team at BBVA. she is the author who published The Exhale Journal.

She achieved her Master’s degree in Strategic Communication from Troy University in 2017.

Coleysia also has a BS in Urban Planning from Alabama A&M University.

Chris Tolleson

Chris is now a father-of-two, and loved up with a singer called Jamie.

He is also an east coast angler trying to work his way into the circuit, and even has his own fishing Instagram page.

Chris was also a full-time student when his children were younger, and graduated in March 2019.

Jacinda “Jacy” Rodriguez

Since appearing on the show, Jacy has had three marriage proposals!

Now an artist, she runs a women empowerment group every Sunday, as well as a poetry club on Wednesdays.

She has her own painting Instagram The Art Craving, where she uses acrylics to create art.

Dillan Ostrom

Dillan is now an actor, writer and director living in Los Angeles.

He is the writer and creator behind the pilot Hairball, which follows five self-proclaimed rejects in their 40s in a cover band.

Dillan also directed iPhone short film The Civilians War, created Remembering Andy: The Milonakis Story, and written features and TV pilots.

He enjoys rumble boxing in his spare time.

Jessica Perez

Jessica is now a mum-of-two, and married to a Mr Prongay.

She reportedly dated him briefly before going on Are You The One, and are both now parents to son Easton and daughter Lainey.

Jessica is now working as a sales specialist, which she has done since February 2020.

Ethan Diamond

As we already know, Ethan is still loved up with Amber Lee Diamond.

Now married with two daughters, the 30-year-old was a waiter in the evenings while attending an internship, when their first child was born.

He moved into a new home with Amber and their children in October 2020.

Simone Kelly

Simone is now a dancer, singer, songwriter and TV personality.

She recently released a new EP called Up In The Air, and has appeared on three season of MTV’s The Challenge since Are You The One.

The Are You The One star also starred in short film Happy Hour in 2017.

Joey Dillon

Joey now spends most of his time as a business owner and father.

He runs his own clothing line and home renovation company, as well as working as a personal trainer.

In January 2020, Joey launched a campaign which aims to house homeless veterans.



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