Nick is the English man that Roseanna decides to go on a date with on TLC’s Return to Amish. So, who is he and what happened next?

The series follows a group with Amish and Mennonite lifestyles, as several of the cast members return home from huge American cities.

Roseanna Miller’s love life is the focus of the latest Return to Amish episode, as she goes on a first date with a man called Nick.

So, who is Roseanna’s date Nick? Did anything blossom between them? We’ve got the latest updates on what happened next…

Roseanna goes on her first date with Nick

Roseanna set out to find her first love, after revealing that she wants to leave the Amish lifestyle behind her.

She finds it too strict and says they never get to have fun. After meeting a man named Nick, they arrange a first date together.

The Return to Amish star wears her traditional Amish clothes to the date, which involves playing miniature golf with Nick.

Having never played the sport before, he shows Roseanna how to place her hands on the golf club, and often compliments her during their date.

Warning her that he is competitive, Nick and Roseanna appear to be getting along well. She also reckons that he let her win the game!

He also asked if he could kiss Roseanna at the end of their date.

Who is Nick on Return to Amish?

Nick is an English boy, who said he had never met anyone like Roseanna.

Although he is reportedly English, he has an American accent.

Roseanna first met him at a trampoline park, where she started getting to know Nick, one of the boys her co-star Claudia had brought with her.

He then invited her on a date, where he asks her how dating works with the Amish, to which she responds that it is more like group dating.

However, the Amish lifestyle means that Roseanna is not allowed to be alone with a boy, but she doesn’t tell Nick about this.

What happened next for Roseanna and Nick?

Roseanna revealed that Nick isn’t for her at the end of the episode.

In fact, Roseanna is currently in a relationship with Johnny Detweiler.

She updated her relationship status on Facebook on May 3, just one day before the episode showing her going on a date with Nick aired.

They have already shared a photo of them together in a bathroom mirror, and Johnny has updated his cover photo with a picture of Roseanna.

He recently took to Instagram to upload a picture of them together, and wrote: “Thank you for being my best friend and standing by my side.”

Looking at his profile, it appears that he regularly does building work on houses across the Pennsylvania area.



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