Mike and Ximena‘s love story airs on Sunday every night, but in real time, there are some hints which suggest they may no longer be together. There’s not one pic of Mike on her IG…

The 90 Day Fiance couple first met in Columbia, where Ximena lives with her two sons, and have to communicate using a translator app. Recently, he took her to dinner, where he concluded the night with a marriage proposal.

Of course, we know that the show is filmed way before episodes go to air on TLC. So we done some digging to find out whether they are actually still together in February 2022.

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90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

Are Mike and Ximena still together?

Mike and Ximena appear to be together on 90 Day Fiance, but social media says otherwise. While he often shares “throwback pictures” to when they dated on the show, there is not one picture of him on her Instagram.

It looks like she could be hinting at an unconfirmed rumor that perhaps they are no longer together, but there is the possibility that she may be bound by a TLC contract not to post anything. Despite this, Mike still posts photos of them.

They just got engaged on the recent Before the 90 Days episode, so the real test is to see whether she is wearing a ring in any recent photos. We can see a sparkling piece of jewellery on her finger [see below]!

Mike also recently said “she is worth it” to a fan in his Instagram comments, showing just how much he cares for her.

Looking over on Facebook, Ximena does not have any relationship information on show, but they are following each other over on Instagram. They still have a long distance between them, as she still appears to live in Columbia.

Viewers have been making their own guesses on Mike and Ximena’s relationship status…

Fans make guesses about TLC pair

Mike and Ximena have quickly become fan favorites on 90 Day Fiance, with many rooting for them to last. However, being on a public show like this one means they are often faced with several questions about if they are still together.

When one fan questioned Ximena on why she has no pictures of them together, another responded: “Even the clips from the show, are of her kids and family.

A viewer wrote: “Mike is such a sweet guy! He bothered to involve Ximena’s family into his proposal. I hope his relationship with Ximena works out. They both are better off together.”

Some have taken to Mike’s IG page to question him on where her pictures of them together are. One asked: “How come she has no pictures of u on her profile? Either than what’s been filmed for the show.”

Another wrote back: “I believe they have to sign a confidentiality agreement not to spoil the ending of the show. People broke that agreement in the past and it stopped that TLC money from coming.”

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Their 90 Day Fiance journey so far

Mike met “the most beautiful woman in the world” Ximena online, who he had been been talking for a year before going on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé. He recently proposed to her in front of all of her family.

Before meeting her, Mike said that he thought he knew Ximena “fairly well” and during their first night together, he said that she “knocked it out of the park”.

Some of their issues have involved Mike doing things that Ximena didn’t like, such as farting and being attentive. They both agreed that he appears to have improved in those areas.

Despite the long distance, they have been making ends meet by travelling to see each other.



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