The start of Love Island 2018 was dull and boring. Three weeks later, however, and series four successfully descended into chaos. New-girl Kazimir Crossley is expected to leave Casa Amor with Josh Denzel; is this the most hated couple on Love Island?

Carefully selecting a couple to despise is never easy.

A series that engulfs a nation as powerfully as Love Island needs its pantomime heroes and villains. After all, clear rules on who to like and dislike make office small talk far less tedious.

First, we had the obvious option of bitterly detesting Hayley Hughes and any fella that she sunk her teeth into. Then, came Megan Barton-Hanson, an equally easily target yet a woman whose Love Island lovers are far more difficult to keep track of.

Miss two episodes. Meg is with a different guy.

Josh Denzel is the latest to fall into a Love Island production boobytrap, as new narratives and storylines were presented to him in the form of slender models, gift-wrapped in nothing more than glued-on bikinis.

Josh, meet Kazimir Crossley. Kazimir, prepare to be hated.

The pair have enjoyed a bubbling romance inside Casa Amor, with Josh’s openness to ‘getting to know others’ leading him into the abyss of certain sin.

Josh made his bed of unloyalty and was goaded into mischief by all of the other villa lads.

Kaz and Josh shared a bed. They kissed, held hands and completed the full house of Love Island treachery in little under 72 hours.

The Islanders time in Casa Amor is swiftly coming to an end, however, and Josh is quickly realising that couples don’t come in three.

No. They come in two, plus a shattered Georgia Steel.

A heart-wrenching episode 24 cut back to Josh’s villa girlfriend, Georgia, who was blissfully unaware that the guy she so desperately wanted to recouple up with was rapidly moving on.

Tasked with “kissing a boy” during a classically distasteful Love Island party game, Georgia couldn’t stomach it.

She pulled out of her peck with Charlie Brake as her eyes filled with tears and a sense of cheating flushed over her soul.

Other islanders laughed at Georgia’s moral justification, mocking her emotions with expressions like “it’s just a kiss” and “it doesn’t mean anything”.

Georgia Steel is too pure.

Other coupled-up lovers may have looked as equally emotional torn, yet Dani Dyer was more visibly upset at the possibility of her boyfriend, Jack Fincham, cheating.

Georgia was a blubbering mess because she felt that she had been disloyal.

Regardless of Josh’s actions, she fended off boys and slept outside alone because the heartache of completing what she considered an immorally wrong action made her feel sick to the core.

And this a girl whose heart is going to be ripped into shreds on national TV.

Josh Denzel will waltz back from Casa Amor hand-in-hand with Kazimir Crossley and Georgia will be crushed.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Kazimir and Josh deserve to be season four’s pantomime villains.

Josh has swiftly fallen out of favour with the general public, a quiet and affectionate nice guy that has been twisted into a malicious monster because of his selfish lack of thought towards Georgia.

Kazimir may be a beautiful bystander but she just unintentionally messed with G.

Mess with G, and you’re messing with us.

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