Samira Mighty has left the Love Island villa. After 39 days of coupling and recoupling, she left the villa the same way she entered it. Single. Well, kind of.

Samira’s decision to walk out of Love Island was a ballsy move. It was bold and brave. Also very unexpected.

The 22-year-old dancer has moped around the villa ever since Frankie’s departure, sobbing the sort of hysterical tears that you’d expect to see when a wife’s husband sets off to war.

You can’t help but feel Samira’s decision to turn her back on £50,000 is at very least naive. After all, her romance with Frankie had lasted little over a week.

For the hopeless romantic type, who clutched their hands together, pressing their palms towards their heart as the news broke – f*ck you.

Anyone who views the now-famous ITV2 series as a platform for finding true love need only be reminded by the burning and crashing of previous Love Island couples.

Of the famous four that marched into the Love Island series three final little over 12 months ago, just the one couple remains.

Marcel Somerville cheated on Gabby Allen, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies parted ways, and Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood’s relationship proved the most toxic thing on this earth since Monster energy drinks.

Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow are happy. They are hopelessly in love. They’re saving the world one eco-step at a time.

Can we say the same for Frankie Foster and Samira Mighty?

Given, it is incredibly difficult to judge a relationship based on the five minutes of footage we see of them each day.

Frankie was rarely given the opportunity to shine, with producers reducing his time on camera to the point that he became less popular than billionaire-heir and ‘socialite’ Charlie Brake.

And because of all this nonsensical voting in and out, we are left with Idris Virgo.

Cheers ITV.

Frankie cared for Samira with genuine interest and tender moral support. For a girl who has spent the past five weeks listening to others dry humping and tongue-twisting at night, it’s no wonder that she fell head over heels for the first person who showed her an interest.

And, like all men on Love Island 2018, this was an interest shown via Megan Barton-Hanson.

Samira was craving a man. She needed love. Frankie simply played the part.

Even when the ear-scouring Hayley Hughes was booted out, she confessed to feeling “lonely” during her time in the villa. For all the horseplay and fun, everyone retreats to the same bed.

Sleeping alone is lonely, let alone when everyone else is in two.

Samira Mighty was better off playing the game for 50k then she was giving up everything for Frankie. She left the villa exclaiming that she needed to answer the question of “what if?” when it came to her feelings.

Oh, Sam.

In six months time when your relationship has broken down and you realise that Love Island creates a sense of heightened emotion, you will once again coo those two same words.

What if?

What if you stayed?

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