Adam Collard played Rosie Williams like a fiddle.

Public humiliation. Pure manipulation. The perfect game plan, bro.

Having balled into the Love Island villa at 6ft 5 – with a chiselled jawline, olive skin, rippling abs and thick black hair – Adam is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.

It’s no surprise that when the ‘compatibility calculator’ came out in episode 11, Adam topped the bill for almost every female in the villa.

Queues for the dreamboat start here, eh.

But as Adam’s time on the camera built up, his cocky, arrogant and overtly masculine demeanour shone through.

Physically, it’s hard to believe that the colossal Geordie is 22-years-old. Mentally, he’s like a teenager praying on vulnerable female classmates, bullying them with sexual suggestions because he’s the only one in school whose balls have dropped.

In a matter of two weeks – where we have witnessed no more than an hour of solid Adam Collard dialogue – we’ve been able to gather a clear image of his character.

And it’s an image that stings the eyeball. Right down to the socket.

Is Love Island’s Adam Collard really that much of a d*ck? Here’s your answer.

One emotionless moment captures Adam Collard’s nature perfectly.

He had not long finished executing his most cowardly and piggish move yet, ditching Rosie the day after he had wooed her into sexual acts.

Grinning. Deflecting. Adam orbited every accusation around his inflated ego before throwing it back in Rosie’s face as if she was in the wrong.

Then came the moment.

Rosie cut deep into Adam, telling him “you’re not going to find anything real if you only want more”.

Her words were daggering. Powerful. They summarised not only Adam but a generic male character that we’ve all met in our lives.

I genuinely thought that Adam would shed a silent tear later that night.

He would hold back on his true emotions but would be pictured in deep thought, hurt to the core and unable to camouflage his alpha-male persona any longer.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Adam blissfully nodded off while smugly shouting “I’m starfishing tonight”.

The girl whose heart he had torn into two was banished to the outside bed, comforted by her best friend and needing her hand held for all but a small sense of security.

Rosie had thrown everything she had at Adam, dissecting his persona perfectly and highlighting everything that is wrong about his outlook on love.

Yet, Adam responded with nothing but a grin and a haunting lack of emotion.

It’s true. Beauty is a curse.

Fortunately, honest souls such as Rosie and supporting friends like Georgia Steel are managing their ‘cursed’ beautiful personalities expertly.

Adam is simply a massive d*ck.

Vote him off. Move along.

There’s nothing beautiful to see here.

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