Tempers inside the Love Island 2019 villa boiled over yet again as Joanna Chimonides hissed the word “snake” at so-called series boyfriend Michael Griffiths.

Monday night’s (July 15th) episode saw ITV producers go through with one of their most devious twists yet, catching the cast members off guard by announcing that either Michael or Joanna must leave the Majorca villa.

The pair had received the least votes in a stand-off against Anna Vakili and Jordan Hames and assumed that they would both be saying their goodbyes.

Nevertheless, Caroline Flack delivered the shocking message that only one would depart, with the series 5 gang electing to save Michael. A romantic speech followed yet little actions came of it as Joanna raged at Michael for not voluntarily choose to leave with her.

Venomed fizzed on the tip of her tongue and Joanna hissed “snake” at the 27-year-old firefighter before making it clear that things between them were over.

So was Joanna within her right to brand Michael a snake?

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Joanna and Michael
Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Joanna and Michael

Michael’s mixed messages

It’s not the first time we have seen towering hunk Michael Griffiths give mixed messages inside the Love Island villa.

When explaining to Amber that there was “no chance they would get back together” he did so with flirtatious charm and open body language.

In his final speech having just heard that Joanna would be axed from the villa, Michael said:

I feel like I came here… I found what I wanted and now she’s (Joanna) leaving.

Joanna attacks her man!

Immediately after the speech had finished, the rest of the girls scurried over to one other for a gossip. Maura Higgins pointed out that Michael had claimed that he had “found what he was looking for” yet never confirmed that he was going to leave the show with Joanna.

Anna, Amber’s best mate, also dashed over to Michael and told him not to leave.

Perhaps overhearing the drama and feeling ridiculed at the fact it seemed Michael was planning to stay in the villa and rekindle a relationship with Amber, Joanna exploded in anger.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Joanna and Michael
Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Joanna and Michael
Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Joanna and Michael
Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Joanna and Michael

Was Joanna right to brand Michael a snake?


Sure, leaving the Love Island villa is a big call when there are fame and fortune on the line, but the fact Michael relayed a speech saying that he had found everything he wanted makes him look devious and untrustworthy.

You know, like a snake.

Even as Joanna branded Michael a slippery serpent, he attempted to brush everything aside, laughing out loud as Joanna said that he should stay to “see how things go with Amber”.

We’ve witnessed this boyish behaviour of Michael’s throughout the series: he neither confirms or denies but deflects conversation and talking points, seemingly afraid to let truths unfold.

Joanna left the show quickly,  putting the nail into the coffin of their relationship. While the door for a Michael an Amber reunion and late charge for the series 5 title isn’t exactly wide open given Michael’s attitude towards Amber, there are still two weeks before the grand finale…

Whoever Michael truly has feelings for, there was never any need to drag Joanna through emotional turmoil.

Part of me hoped that he was like ‘yep, I’ coming home with you tonight,’, it would have made me feel a lot better. I did think there was a future for me and Michael, if he does come out then absolutely we will work on it and hope for the future. If he doesn’t then absolutely not.



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