“Shocked and disappointed that anyone would breach her trust in this way.”

That was the quote from sources close to Zara McDermott earlier this week, as nude photos and a ‘revenge porn’ video circulated across the U.K.

It was a restrained reaction to an act of callous and cowardly clicking. Not by the heedless fire starter but by each of the 1000’s of people who torched the problem with their own two taps on WhatsApp.

Whether the content started its journey as an incomprehensibly foolish endorsement or malicious attack, fortunately, the result remained the same.

Yes. They are nudes.

No. We don’t really care.

The lack of comment from Zara’s parents highlight the most logical and humane reaction to the issue – whatever, move on.

It’s the practice that the U.K proudly put into action, with little response to the nudes on social media and a ‘we’re bored of this sort of sh*t’ attitude down the pub.

However, there are always a few cretins hiding away on Twitter. Those who couldn’t get their heads around the concept of sending revealing and sexual photos.

Whether sent in lust, in love, in attempts to reap attention or to simply prove a little self-worth, apparently, sending nudes is an alien concept that none of us have ever contemplated.

Take your head out of your a*se, Twitter.

And film it on webcam next time.

During this week’s mass of Love Island episodes, Zara gave some untimely advice to Rosie Williams and Megan Barton-Hanson, telling them to be careful when it came to their raunchy villa model shoot.

Zara quipped: “I would never get naked like that in front of people”. Suddenly, sections of Twitter felt that they had accumulated some sort of moral high ground.

Click, click, 240 characters – “what an idiot, she doesn’t even know that her nudes are going around online haha”.

Click, click, 0.2 seconds – “you seen these photos of Zara from Love Island?”

These are the same two people.

People the world could do without.

We hope that the producers maintain the same resolute mentality as Zara’s parents and the U.K public, refraining from the need to tell her about the cruelness of the outside world.

After all, content circulates for seven days. The tabloid media squeezes traffic from the story by hinting that they have footage. All is forgotten.

If Zara’s nudes and Zara’s ‘revenge porn’ was initially dished out in attempts to sabotage her Love Island career and to ruin her image on national television.


We all know who the real loser is, here.

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