Is Paige from Married At First Sight pregnant? Fans in shock after Lifetime teaser!

Viewers of Married At First Sight have been left quizzing if Paige is pregnant, after Lifetime teased them with an episode clip.

The upcoming clip of the series, which sees two people unknown to each other get married on the first day they meet, has left fans in shock.

After getting married, Paige and Chris slept together, before the teaser made it look like she might have fallen pregnant.

Is Paige from Married At First Sight actually pregnant? Fan theories below!

Screenshot: Chris and Paige, Married at First Sight: The Next Two Couples Are Married (Season 12, Episode 3) | Lifetime YouTube

What happened between Paige and Chris?

The newly married couple were left to spend the night together, like the other couples during the Romance and Retreat episode.

Chris and his new wife slept together, with Paige later telling pastor Cal that they didn’t use protection.

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Their relationship started off to a rocky start, when they first got married.

Paige admitted in a confessional that she’s not sure if they are connected, and Chris tells her bridesmaids that she is not the woman he wanted.

He then revealed in a confessional that he is not 100 percent attracted to her, but added that she is beautiful in her own way.

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Is Paige pregnant?

  • At the time of writing, it is not known if she is pregnant or not

It is possible that Paige could be pregnant, as she revealed that her and Chris did not use protection when they slept together.

We do already know that Chris is thought to have gotten his ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick pregnant when he signed up for the show.

This was according to a MAFS fan account’s Instagram story.

It was recently revealed that Chris had allegedly proposed to his ex-fiancée Mercedes Meyrick in February 2020.

He was reportedly still engaged to her until the end of June, before filming for the show in August.

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Married At First Sight fan theories explored

Following the recent speculation that Chris got his ex-fiancee pregnant, the majority of viewers believe the teaser clip is talking about her.

However, others think that he might have gotten Paige pregnant, as well as his ex-fiancee.

Some of those watching the series think Paige could be pregnant with Chris’ baby, following them sleeping together.

Looking at the proof, and fan theories on Twitter, the most likely outcome is that the teaser is referring to Chris’ ex getting pregnant.



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