Paige Thorne has quickly become the nations sweetheart on this years Love Island, and if you’re anything like us, you probably can’t get enough of her.

Love Island 2022 will go down in the history books as one of the most drama filled seasons of all time. From the Andrew and Coco scandal to Jacques Casa Amor antics – it’s going to be one to remember.

Amid the drama this year is fan favourite Paige Thorne, who has been coupled up with Jacques for quite some time, but now has her eyes on a new bombshell.

If you want to get to know Paige a little better, we’ve got everything you need to know. From her age, job and who she has her eye on – keep reading as we get you up to speed.

Life With Kelly Khumalo | Season 3 Launch trailer | Showmax

Life With Kelly Khumalo | Season 3 Launch trailer | Showmax

How old is Paige?

Paige Thorne is 24 years old. She was born in Swansea, Wales on the 14th of September 1997.

The Love Island star is one of the oldest girls in the villa, as she stands behind oldest girl Ekin-Su who is 27.

Despite just being one year younger than her, Paige has discussed her worries about Jacques being younger than her, as his maturity isn’t the level she is looking for. She said on the show:

“He (Adam) has a lot of potential I’m not going to lie. He is ticking a good few of my boxes that Jacques is not able to with the whole age thing and even just the maturity thing that naturally will come with age.”

It seems Paige is looking for somebody older than her – and lucky for her the new bombshell is 26…

What was Paige’s job pre-Love Island?

Before she took the leap to our screens on ITV, Paige was working as a paramedic. She began her career as a paramedic just six months before the COVID-19 pandemic, and worked throughout the lockdown.

Her career has not only been praised by viewers, but one of her previous patients has also come forward to share his appreciation for the 24-year-old. As reported by WalesOnline, Paige saved a mans life, and stayed by his side for hours after the incident.

The man, named Andy Humphries, suffered a stroke after feeling unwell and visiting his GP. Paige arrived at the scene as one of the paramedics, and Andy is beyond grateful for her presence. He told WalesOnline:

“I owe my life to her, and she was so good to me. She waited with me when I got to the hospital, she stayed while I had scans. It happened just before the first lockdown, and she told me that she had not long qualified, but she was amazing and totally wonderful.”

Could Paige’s head be turned?

With the Casa Amor days behind us and Jacques doing everything he can to get his girl back – it seems the Love Island star may be ready to turn the next page.

During last nights episode, viewers saw the return of one of the most memorable bombshells ever, Adam Collard. The season four contestant came back with a bang, and turned the head of one islander in particular.

After a short conversation with Adam, Paige quickly expressed her interest to the girls. She said in the Beach Hut:

“Adam is quite direct, I didn’t realise how quite direct he was going to be and up front he was going to be from the get go. Which do you know is a bit refreshing because it’s like yeah say what you really mean say it with your chest and he does. No I’m not going to lie he’s very fit and he’s obviously got the gift of the gab already, um, we shall see.”

However, as Adam is known for being the founder of ‘Destiny Chaldish’, viewers are not convinced that Adam is right for Paige, in fact, some are very against the pair coupling up for Paige’s sake. One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Paige wants someone who is already boyfriend material? has she seen Adam on this show before?”


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