Too Hot to Handle: Palapa meaning explained - fans claim it's the biggest takeaway from Netflix show!

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle arrived at the right time to give us another binge-watchable series during the self-isolation period.

The streaming giant dropped the reality dating show on Friday, April 17th with 8 episodes for viewers to watch straight away. And many have seen the entire series in one go!

The series features bombshell arrivals, plot twists, games and the word palapa that many had no clue about before.

So what does palapa on Too Hot to Handle mean?

Too Hot to Handle

What is a palapa?

  • Palapa is a traditional Mexican shelter made out of palm tree leaves and branches.

You will find palapas on the beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean which provide shade and protection from the sun. Most of them are round, have central support and look like umbrellas – they just have a more tropical and boho vibe.

Other palapas are much larger in size and have structural support in different corners.

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Too Hot to Handle Season 1 – Organic Publicity/Netflix

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The palapa on Too Hot to Handle

The palapa on Too Hot to Handle is a big outside space with large structures that hold the roof.

It comprises of a central area with sofas where the cast of the Netflix show gathered throughout the episodes. For instance, we’ve heard digital host Lana ask the contestants to come together in the palapa when she needs to talk to all of them.

The palapa is the place where Lana spilled the beans on who broke to rules and lost money for the whole team (looking at you Harry and Francesca…)

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Viewers react to the word palapa

Some viewers claim that they’ve watched the entire series and still have no clue about the word palapa.

Others, however, reveal that if they have one takeaway from the Neflix dating show – it’s the word palapa. After all, we’ve all learned something new and useful, right?




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