Who is Pastor Calvin Roberson? Meet the Married At First Sight expert on Instagram!

Married At First Sight’s couples try to build their relationship from their marriage onwards, with a pastor who helps them do exactly that.

The Lifetime series isn’t your typical dating show, as two singletons meet for the first time on their wedding day, before trying to make a connection.

Pastor Calvin Roberson helps them build their relationship from the get-go, providing all his expertise on how they can have a successful marriage.

So, who is he? We found the relationship expert on Instagram…

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Who is Pastor Calvin Roberson?

Pastor Calvin Roberson is a relationship Expert on Married At First Sight.

He has been helping to build and restore relationships for over 20 years.

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The Married At First Sight expert is also a sought-after magnetic speaker, acclaimed author, and marriage coach.

He is the lead pastor at Progression Church in Atlanta, which he opened alongside his wife Wendy in 2013.

Who is Pastor Calvin Roberson’s wife?

  • Wendy Roberson

She is the First Lady at Progression Church in Atlanta.

Wendy and Pastor Cal got married in 2009, and have worked together to help couples and families resolve conflict and improve relationships since.

She was a practicing nurse for many years, but decided to leave following her passion in full-time leadership.

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Meet Pastor Cal on Instagram

Looking at Pastor Cal’s bio, he is a “husband, author, occasional wisdom giver, relationship expert on Married At First Sight on A&E network”.

For anyone out there who wants relationship advice, he regularly posts advice and insight, and even runs @marriageisforpunks with Wendy.

He speaks proudly of him and his wife’s marriage, who he has tried to teach the running man dance move to!



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