Peter is one of several cast members who are entering the Too Hot to Handle house for season two. He’s already had his fair share of fame…

From June 23, we won’t have to keep binging the same Netflix series’ over and over. Because the dating show is back for another round of lurrrrve.

With heaps of money on the line, ten singletons are put to the ultimate test – by being tasked with not getting physical with anyone during the show.

Peter will be facing that test, alongside other contestants with their eyes on the cash prize pot. At Reality Titbit, we found out he already has a fan base.

Peter. Too Hot to Handle – Character Posters. Picture: Netflix

Too Hot to Handle: Who is Peter?

Peter, from New York, is a certified personal trainer.

More specifically, it appears that Peter spends most of his time on Staten Island, where the gym he works at is based.

He is a YouTuber too, where he has over 2K subscribers. Peter has uploaded two videos – but he may start making more after his Netflix appearance!

It is thought that he is very close to his family, especially his mother.

The 21-year-old, who celebrates his birthday on September 6, competed in pole vaulting events growing up – and is now on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle.

Peter’s TikTok and Instagram

Peter is also known for being a TikTok influencer, where he has 2.2 million followers and 60 million likes. So if you recognise him, that could be why!

On Instagram, he recently celebrated reaching two million followers with a snazzy cake, where he told his fans he is planning “so much insane stuff”.

He is often seen lifting weights and exercising in the gym, doing flips on the beach and off cars (as you do), and snow-boarding. So, he’s very active.

The Netflix star’s long, curly locks were nowhere near at length until around June 2020, when he started sharing pictures of his new barnet.

Over on TikTok, he shares comedy-based – and daring – videos, from doing a pole dance with his mom, and downing bottles of wine.

Inside Peter’s previous relationships

Peter has definitely had several exes, which he confirmed on his TikTok.

He made a video, where he acted shocked at remembering that they may watch him on Too Hot to Handle – as well as his mom.

Although Peter has left no trace for the public to find out who his ex-girlfriends are, he has shared one trait he is looking for.

He said that “sometimes it’s okay to let them have control” in one video.

His mom also hacked him once, saying: “Not my son who spends 2 hours in the gym but only 30 seconds with a girl”.

In another, he tried to impress a girl in the gym by kicking a punching bag and showing off some moves on the floor.


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