Following the eviction of Kendall Rae-Knight from the Love Island villa, six couples remained in episode six.

The boys and girls were tasked with getting to know one-other more personally, but not in the sense of revealing their dreams and ambitions over dinner.


We watched the Love Islander’s arch their backsides into each other’s faces during a spot of steamy yoga.

Here are the couples that smashed the Downward Dog and those who collapsed in the Chair Pose.

6. Student Niall and Georgia

Inflexible, immature and the opposite of graceful.

It soon became obvious that student Niall hasn’t been spunking his student loan on private yoga sessions, as he and partner Georgia spent the best time of their session rolling around on the floor and laughing.

Georgia said: I don’t think Niall has ever done yoga before. A yoga class is supposed to be quite quiet and relaxing – me and Niall are the absolute opposite.”



5. Dr Alex and Samira

Uncomfortable, awkward and robotic.

While Samira may be one of the agilest members of the female gang, it’s been made clear that she won’t exactly be bending over backwards for current BF Alex.

Other couples did their best to smear their bikini bodies into one-others faces while Samira looked like she had placed a 10-metre restraining order on her ‘lover’.



4. Jack and Dani Mas Dyer 

Strong, stable and kinda cute.

Dani had to lead a brick-like Jack slowly through the poses as they proved majestic in some areas of yoga and catastrophic in others.

Here, the couple nailed this standing pose as Jack gazed into Dani’s eyes to put the icing on the cake.


Then again, there was also THIS moment…

3. Eyal and Hayley Hughes

Close, bendy and almost romantic

A theoretical lecture on the physiological, philanthropical and psychological benefits of yoga wasn’t going to be Hayley Hughes’s strong point, fortunately, however, she is quite bendy.


Hayley said: All you’re doing is stretching, like, and doing this moves, like, what is that all about?”


2. PT Adam and Rosie

Militant, professional and personal.

Personal trainer Adam did the honours of taking the three-minute class, leading the others through a series of different poses.

Perhaps he escaped to Bali for a level one course in Vinyasa Flow Yoga because he and Rosie glided through most of the positions with ease.

Rosie said: I’m sure we did a few positions that we never thought we would.”


1. Wes and Laura

Beautiful, controlled and in sync. 

The surprise package, Wes and Laura were in harmony throughout the yoga session.

Laura didn’t whine about a bad back, complain of arthritis or even break a brittle old bone.

Dirty Dancing, anyone?




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