Who is Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife? The Merrifields' family story explored!
Screenshot: The Merrifields, She's a Real Girl, TLC Instagram

Who is Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife? The Merrifields' family story explored!

TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife features The Merrifields, who wish to invite Roberta into their marriage. Let’s get to know her…

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are a couple who wish to split up, in order to marry a woman named Roberta, from Brazil.

It will all be featured on tonight’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, a series which follows polygamous families or couples.

So, who is Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife? How did The Merrifields meet her and did they ever end up marrying her? We find out below!

Screenshot: Roberta, She’s a Real Girl, TLC Instagram

Who are The Merrifields?

Garrick, 37, and Dannielle, 33, live in Colorado, and are parents to two sons.

They have been a monogamous couple for ten years, during which time they have had sons Geremiah, 11, and Solomon, 10.

After searching online for another wife, they found Roberta.

They have planned to divorce so that Garrick can get married to Roberta legally, and welcome her into their family life.

Who is Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife?

Roberta is a Christian from Brazil, who mainly speaks Portuguese.

The Merrifields tried to get the 33-year-old a travel visa to visit them in the United States, however the request was denied.

So, in the end they decided to meet her halfway in Cabo, Mexico.

Roberta has planned to become the Merrifields’ sister wife, and is thought to be getting married to Garrick at some point.

Roberta and The Merrifields: Timeline

Along with their two sons, the Merrifields met Roberta in Mexico, who had also brought her mom along with her.

After nine days, Garrick proposed to Roberta, which is the same night they got intimate with one another.

Dannielle admitted that she cried and had a hard time, but added that she knew “what was supposed to be” and that Roberta “was a part of their life”.

They now plan to start living together as soon as they can, and have talked to an attorney, who told them the only way to do that would be for Garrick to legally divorce Dannielle and marry Roberta.



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