Are Rodney and Desiry still together? Marrying Millions couple updates!
Screenshot: Rodney, Marrying Millions: Who Knows Who Better? (Rodney and Desiry) | Lifetime YouTube

Are Rodney and Desiry still together? Marrying Millions couple updates!

Couples from different ends of social class are followed on Marrying Millions, including Rodney and Desiry. Are they still together?

They are one couple of several on the Lifetime series, who are in a relationship whilst having incomes from opposite points of the scale.

Rodney, who is thought to pay all of his partner’s bills, is recently having issues with Desiry, after his mom said she uses him for money.

So, let’s look at their relationship post-filming. We explored whether Desiry and Rodney patched things up and remained together or not…

Screenshot: Marrying Millions: “She’s CRAZY!” Desiry CLASHES with Rodney’s Assistant (S2, E14) | Lifetime YouTube

Who are Rodney and Desiry?

Rodney Foster and Desiry Hall are a couple on Marrying Millions.

They met two years ago in the lobby of Desiry’s building through Rodney’s publicist, who was a good friend to her at the time.

The couple are thought to be having a long distance relationship, as Rodney lives in Washington and Desiry continues to reside in Los Angeles.

Rodney, 51, is the founder and CEO of organic drinks company Edelheiss Wine, while Desiry is an actor, host, writer, model, and entrepreneur.

Recently, Rodney revealed he would like Desiry to move in with him, but she appears to have some reservations.

Fans question if their relationship is real

Many viewers instantly took to Twitter to speculate that Rodney is gay.

According to All About The Tea, Rodney is an “openly gay man pretending to be straight for reality TV fame”, quoting a close friend of his.

Suspicions had started when he had not told his family he was dating Desiry, despite having been together for two years.

According to three of his close friends, they were reportedly shocked to see him acting as a straight man on Marrying Millions.

A source told All About The Tea:

Desiry is a hired actress playing a role on TV…she and Rodney are not in a real relationship. They both doing this for a little fame.

However, Rodney has not publicly confirmed that he is gay.

Are Rodney and Desiry still together?

  • At the time of writing, yes

Despite the issues happening between them, including re-building trust since he cheated on her, there has been no confirmation of any split.

Judging by the recent Marrying Millions episodes, Rodney and Desiry are still a couple, however they don’t post photos with each other.

When it comes to social media, they only post clips of the Lifetime series, but this could come down to them living far apart.

Rodney also told AllAboutTheTea that he keeps his social media strictly business-related, and that he has never put relationships on his page.



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