Is Rodney from Marrying Millions gay? Fans question if his relationship is real

Is Rodney from Marrying Millions gay? Fans question if his relationship is real

As Marrying Millions season 2 brings in several viewers, fans have began questioning if Rodney is gay. So we had a look at his love life…

The new reality TV series follows the daily lives of six couples who come from completely different societal classes, yet wish to marry each other.

Rodney’s relationship with Desiry Hall is followed on the Lifetime show, but rumour has it that he is an openly gay man in real life.

So is Rodney from Marrying Millions gay? Let’s find out below…

Screenshot: Rodney, Marrying Millions: Who Knows Who Better? (Rodney and Desiry) | Lifetime YouTube

Who is Rodney from Marrying Millions?

Rodney is the founder and CEO of organic drinks company Edelheiss Wine.

He is seen to be in a relationship with Desiry Hall on Marrying Millions.

The 51-year-old Lifetime star has a reported net worth of $5 million due to working in the wine industry, and lives in Washington.

Rodney has also reportedly worked in real estate.

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Fans question if Rodney’s relationship is real

Many viewers instantly took to Twitter to speculate that Rodney is gay.

Several of them accused his relationship with Desiry of being fake, and thought it was all an act for the show’s purpose.

Others were commenting on how his mum appeared to insinuate she is waiting for him to “come out of the closet” on the Lifetime series.

Is Rodney Foster gay?

  • Yes, according to a report

According to All About The Tea, Rodney is an “openly gay man pretending to be straight for reality TV fame”, quoting a close friend of his.

Suspicions had started when he had not told his family he was dating Desiry, despite having been together for two years.

According to three of his close friends, they were reportedly shocked to see him acting as a straight man on Marrying Millions.

A source told All About The Tea:

Desiry is a hired actress playing a role on TV…she and Rodney are not in a real relationship. They both doing this for a little fame.

However, Rodney has not publicly confirmed that he is gay.



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