Ryan Reid’s age has been the topic of conversation among Love Island Australia viewers. It came after he used age as a deciding factor before return to the villa from Casa Amor with another woman.

Since the contestant headed into Casa Amor, done a complete 360, and quickly moved on from Lexi to Tayla, he’s been trying to justify his actions. One big factor he used as a reason to do so was age.

That’s not all either, as he claimed Tayla is “so much more mature” after speaking to her for less than an hour. To settle the questions, we found out his exact age to weigh up just how mature he really is.

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What is Ryan Reid’s age?

Ryan from Love Island Australia is 25 years old. The carpenter was born in South Africa in 1996 but moved to Australia as a young boy with his family.

He often makes references to age, including that Tayla is so much more mature, and has admitted that he has slept with 500 women. The contestant also revealed he has been sexually active since he was 16 years old.

Although age seems to be an important factor when it comes to dating, Ryan was initially coupled up with Ari Kumar, who is the same age as him. Despite this, she ended things with him, but later said she still had feelings.

Ryan’s ‘age’ comments explored

Since Ryan entered Casa Amor, a main reason for choosing to bring Tayla into the villa is because he thinks she is more mature than Lexi. Several viewers were made aware that age was an important part of dating for him.

He also kept saying that Lexi is not as mature as him, which did not make him very popular among fans. One fan said:

Oh my GOD not Ryan playing into the Lexi is too young narrative babes we need a microscope to see your frontal lobe #LoveIslandAU.

Another comment that Ryan kept making was that Lexi was not on his wavelength, suggesting he was having doubts about if they had a connection. He once told her that she’s “very playful” and “very young”.

How old are Lexi and Tayla?

Tayla is also 25 years old, like Ryan, which was a big factor for Ryan choosing her when re-entering the villa from Casa Amor. However, Lexi is five years older, at 20 years old – which he shared his worries about.

Ryan’s new beau has also had horrendous dating experiences in the past, and has admitted she is ready to settle down. Tayla has also got her heart set on having a family in the future.



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