Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson was back in action on episode four of Celebs Go Dating, casted for a date with Vienna.

The 26-year-old’s first schooling on love came after a date with Abbie, where he failed to cast her under a spell, despite putting on his best Harry Potter impression. Yep, he casted a Patronus Charm and also busted out an impression of a tyrannosaurs rex.

Needless to say the guys at Celebs Go Dating wanted to find someone a little more quirky to match Sam’s personality.

Enter Vienna.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4 - Vienna in red
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4 – Vienna in red

Rocking up to the date with a huge red cloak draped over her shoulders, much like a naughty little red riding hood, eagle-eyed Sam somehow looked beyond the bold fashion statement and spotted a more minute but important detail when it came to Vienna’s hands.

“Is that your wedding finger?” Sam asked, scrunching his face up while staring at the ring on Vienna’s wedding finger.

Vienna replied: “Err yeah.

“The ring is on that finger – my other fingers are too fat.”

A great start to the date then.

Vienna went on to explain how she currently works as a florist but her previous job was helping to get bodies ready for funerals.

As you can see, Sam wasn’t overly keen on the profession.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4

Vienna said that “people find it really weird” but she finds it “interesting.”

Sam pressed the matter, bemused at how the stunning young women in front of him got into such a job. He didn’t really get the answers he was looking for however, left more perplexed than anything.

Vienna said: “I dunno, I’ve always been into that sort of thing since a young age.”

Sam replied: “What death?”

To which Vienna said “yeah” and that she found it “fascinating” and “wants to get back into it”.

She finished by completely killing the mood and saying:

“I can handle the smell, but I’m not really a people person, so if they’re dead then you haven’t really got to deal with that.”

At this point and Sam had said to camera: “O my god, can this date get any weirder?”

Well the answer to that was a resounding yes.

Vienna went on to confess to another unlikely profession, commenting on her favourite part about the job.

She said: “When I was a dental nurse I used to collect the teeth up all day.”

In disappointment however, Vienna said that she wasn’t allowed to take them home and had to store the teeth in jars at work. Poor girl.

The most bizarre story of all however was saved to last, with Vienna telling Sam how she “kept her brothers finger for a while” after it was cut off at work.

Here’s Sam trying to hide away from her grotesque stories under his napkin.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4
Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4

Vienna said: “I forgot I had it though (the finger)

“You know, I thought I better keep it or whatever incase it can get stitched back on.

“But I left it in my pocket and it went through the wash a few times.”

Continuing to dunk her chicken nuggets into mayonnaise and nibbling at them delicately she said:

“I found it not long ago actually it looked like a raisin – it was so mouldy”

Sam ended the date saying how “him and dead people don’t mix”, confessing that he wasn’t up for a second date.

Good job Sammy.

Alarm bells tend to ring when your date talks about the deceased, collecting teeth and storing cut-off fingers.