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Sobbing Sarah's crying claims about Clayton will go down in Bachelor history

Sarah Hamrick and Clayton Echard had what appeared to be a romantic connection on The Bachelor, but doubts about her age, and later claims about him ‘crying with her’ had him leading her out the door.

This year’s season of ABC’s The Bachelor saw Clayton go through a series of dates and serious sit-down conversations with different women, but it’s finally time for the finale to take place, and for the lucky man to choose his main girl.

During the finale though, there’s not just romance but drama about the entire season. He confronts Sarah about why he told the other girls he cried with her, which he previously described as “having no truth to it.”

So, did Clayton actually cry with Sarah and were her ‘fake tears’ purely performative, or totally genuine?

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The Bachelor | Midseason Trailer

The Bachelor | Midseason Trailer

Did Clayton cry with Sarah?

No, Clayton did not cry when Sarah got emotional with him. Despite her claims that he did, he has consistently said there is no truth to it and even confronted her at the finale about why she said that.

Many described the contestant as having “fake tears”. It was during the time she told Clayton she wanted to leave due to how “heartbreaking” the process can be, but he responded by saying he doesn’t believe her. He said:

I’m just going to be real with you. I really feel like you were trying to fake cry then, it didn’t seem real at all.

Sarah claimed she has “no tears left” but told her co-stars that Clayton had cried with her. Although there are clearly parts filmed that we don’t get to see – which may be edited out – his confrontation suggests he really didn’t.

Looking at the clip of Sarah getting emotional, she does appear to be upset but no tears fall down her face. A preview for the upcoming two episodes (March 7th and 8th) shows him crying while stating: “I am so broken.”

Sarah thinks Clayton was ‘disingenuous’

When Clayton told Sarah that he had “a lot of trust” in the women who warned him about her behaviour, she responded by saying: “It’s ironic that you felt I was disingenuous because I felt that was what you were doing to me.”

She went on to claim he was constantly stirring the pot. He then tells Sarah:

I don’t understand the things you were saying, such as: “He cried with me.” Why would you tell the other women I did that when I didn’t? I did not cry on the first, well, any of our dates.

The camera then pans to Sarah, which shows her with a slight smile on her face.

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Fans react to Sarah’s crying claims

Although most of The Bachelor fans believe Sarah was fake crying, quite a few have her back when it comes to the clip of Clayton crying later on in the season. There are divided reactions to him saying he cried no tears with her.

One fan wrote: “Clayton having to make it VERY CLEAR that he’s never cried on a date #somasculine.”

Another said: “Don’t get it twisted – I’m #teamSarah in the Sarah vs. Mara argument. What I didn’t agree with is Sarah fake crying to Clayton #TheBachelor.”

Some viewers think that Clayton misunderstood Sarah’s claims that they had an emotional moment together. Others accused her of “fake crying” to “get sympathy” from The Bachelor star, and thought him calling her out was needed.

Wooooow. Clayton treated Sarah like garbage. A simple misunderstanding over the phrase “cry together” led him to accuse Sarah of lying and manipulation. He never even asked her about him crying,” wrote a viewer.



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