We found Sean Pratt from Baewatch on Instagram: Updates in 2020

There are plenty of turbulent relationships featured on Baewatch: Parental Guidance, but Sean and Jordi seemingly sailed through the test. 

The British dating show, which originally aired on Channel 4, has been released to Netflix US this August 2020. So far, Baewatch has roped in plenty of American fans who are totally new to the cast.

Sean and Jordi instantly stood out on the show. For British viewers, they may have recognised Sean from his stints on other UK reality TV shows, and Jordi had established herself as somewhat of an Instagram influencer before signing up.

But where is Sean now? What has happened to him and Jordi since filming? We found Sean on Instagram for updates!

Screenshot: Baewatch: Parental Guidance S1 E6 – 4oD

Who is Sean?

Sean Pratt is a 29-year-old model, reality star and brand owner from Coventry, England.

Sean rose to prominence starring on reality shows such as Just Tattoo of Us or Ex on the Beach U.K – both big MTV hits in the United Kingdom. But before Sean was making it on the telly, he was working as a stripper and a naked butler.


Before appearing on Baewatch, Sean was dating the Newcastle reality TV star Zahida Allen. Zahida had appeared on both Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore. 

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Sean and Jordi on Baewatch

When filming Baewatch, Sean Pratt was dating Instagram model Jordi Leigh. The couple had got together in August 2018.

Out of all of the Baewatch couples, Sean and Jordi actually made it through the experiment. They left their time on the show as a couple despite the fact that Jordi’s parents had been watching their every move throughout their romantic getaway.

But shortly after appearing on the dating show, things turned sour between Sean and Jordi. Jordi was accused of cheating which led to a tense online stand-off. Jordi even took to Instagram to hush those trolling her over the breakup.

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Follow Sean Pratt on Instagram

Despite the fact Sean was a tad heartbroken over Jordi, he seems to have happily moved on. Sean is now completely besotted by his new girlfriend Olivia Bracey. Olivia is an Instagram model and the owner of Olivia Louise MakeUp.

Given Sean’s success in the reality TV world, it’s hardly a surprise that he has a huge Instagram following. Sean currently has over 348,000 followers!

You can follow Sean @sean9pratt.




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