Is Sean Stewart dating Audrina Patridge? Behind The Hills' star's love life!

As the latest season of MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings began to air, a fling between Sean Stewart and Audrina Patridge was revealed.

Rod Stewart’s son Sean was rumoured to be dating The Hills star Audrina towards the end of 2020, just months ahead of the season 2 launch.

However, it has been confirmed that Audrina shared a kiss with Justin Bobby, following a long romance between the MTV pair.

So, what happened between Sean Stewart and Audrina Patridge? Are they still dating, and if not, who are their new beaus?

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Is Sean Stewart dating Audrina Patridge?

  • No, it looks like Sean and Audrina are no longer dating

The trailer clip for The Hills: New Beginnings shows Sean going on a date with Audrina, claiming she doesn’t want to end up with the wrong guy.

When asked if they are still together, Audrina told Entertainment Tonight: “I mean, were we ever really together together? You’ll have to watch.”

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She added:

Sean is a great guy and we had so much fun. I think he brought a lot to our group of friends. We went on a double date and Heidi and Spencer set me up with him, you’ll see how it all started.

Audrina seems to talk about Sean in the past tense, during the May 9 interview, which suggests that they are no longer dating.

What happened between Audrina and Justin?

  • Audrina and Justin Bobby had an ongoing romance for decades

Musician Justin Bobby Brescia and The Hills star Audrina Patridge had an on-off fling since as far back as 2008.

They first met when he was working as a hairdresser at a Madonna music video set, at Quixote Studios where Audrina was a receptionist.

The pair began dating, but Justin claimed that the relationship was more for the show, and that they were actually friends.

During their on-screen romance, they often argued, from Justin making out with a girl in front of Audrina, to leaving her at parties without a ride.

Audrina was also in the middle of her relationship with ex-husband Corey Bohan, who she also began dating in 2008.

Although they both remained on the show, the previous series ended with Audrina moving into a new house on her own.

Audrina and Justin Bobby: Where are they?

  • Audrina and Justin are not dating right now

Audrina revealed to Entertainment Tonight that outside of the show, she is not looking for someone to date or marry right now.

She is currently embracing life with her daughter, and added that there is always going to be a friendship between them with their history.

Justin, however, said he is ready to have a wife, and revealed they ended up talking a lot more. He added that they are naturally good at hanging out.



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