The first series of Netflix’s ‘Sexy Beasts’ has aired and all fans want to know is are the first episode’s couple, Emma and Bennett, still together?

The series where cast date in full-body disguise to hide their identity, has cast in episode one dressed a Devil, a Mandrill, a Mouse and a Stone Man in the first episode.

Dressed as The Devil, Emma chose Bennett as her overall favourite of the three men through personality alone. They were able to see one another face to face in their true forms of identity during the grand reveal at the end of the episode.

But did their dates turn into a fairytale?

Emma and Bennett’s dating journey

Emma, a 6ft foot model from New York and Bennett, a former pro volleyball player from San Diego made a connection from the first date, completely sight unseen.

Although Emma had also hit it off with another contestant looking for love, by date two it was obvious who Emma would choose as her match after they shared a kiss.

At the grand reveal, viewers were pleased to see that the pair had made the right decision as not only did they enjoy one another’s personalities, but also adored the others looks. When Bennett saw Emma for the first time he said, “she’s so gorgeous, 100% my type… fairytale ending, really.”

Are the pair still together now?

Although it is still currently unknown if the couple are definitely not together anymore, by the looks of both Bennett and Emma’s social media, it is looking likely that the fairy-tale didn’t have much of a happy ending.

There are no signs of a breakup or any drama occurring, however, the pair don’t follow each other on social media and neither one has posted anything of the other.

Emma has confirmed via her YouTube channel that in February of this year she was happily single, however with no known filming date of the show, it is unsure if this comment was made before or after her appearance on Sexy Beasts.

Emma does however follow other former suitor, Archie, who was The Stone Man on the show. As both appear to be single, who knows what could be in the cards for them!

How to watch the show

The full series is available to watch now exclusively on Netflix, with a total of six episodes to keep you entertained!

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