Family or Fiance: Who are Shae and Will? Meet the season 2 couple!

Shae and Will are the subject of Family or Fiance’s premiere episode for season two, where we see them face drama with the in-laws.

Engaged couples who have disapproving families are tasked by going under the same roof together, for three days running.

Relationship expert Tracy McMillan helps families talk about their issues, such as for Will, who tries to get his parents to accept his younger fiancee.

You may be wondering if they stayed together and what their backgrounds are. Reality Titbit has all you need to know about Shae and Will.

Who are Shae and Will?

Shae and Will are an engaged couple on Family or Fiance.

As Shae is much younger than her fiance, Will is having a difficult time trying to get his parents to like her.

He already has an established relationship with his future in-laws, which is why Tracy tasks Shae by telling her to play a game with Will’s parents.

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That way, they can get to know her a little bit better, as they will be playing Tower of Truth, where they can ask Shae any questions they wish.

Shae and Will on Family or Fiance

According to the series description by OWN, Shae may be the reason that Will’s last marriage ended in divorce.

His mom makes it clear that she has no interest in a new daughter-in-law.

Tracy asks what will happen if Will doesn’t get his parents’ blessing to marry Shae, which he responds by saying he wouldn’t be okay with it.

He goes on to say that it would drive a wedge between his relationship with his parents, who “don’t know the man he is today”.

However, he did add that they made him the man who he is.

Where are Shae and Will now?

  • Tracey said Will will leave knowing much more about who he is

The relationship expert predicted that they would know a lot more about their families afterwards, than they did while filming.

It looks like OWN stars Shae and Will are not being very public about their current relationship status.

However, the show usually helps couples and families strengthen their bond and air their differences.

During an interview with LA Sentinal, Tracy said:

There is the potential to be free. Now some of them don’t realize for some, free means that they aren’t going to be engaged anymore when the episode ends but that’s ok. That’s ok because if your agreement with the universe is that I want what’s in the highest good, the highest good is about to unfold.



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