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Love Island: What is Shannon's Twitch profile? Explore gamer's videos!

During the first 24 hours in the Love Island villa, contestant Shannon Singh revealed to Aaron Francis that she is a gamer on Twitch.

After Aaron chose Shannon to couple up with, despite her not stepping forward for him, they spent the first day getting to know each other.

When they had a private chat, the model told him she is a “gal of many talents”, referring to her hobby as a gamer and Twitch streamer.

We have already explored Shannon’s career as a page 3 model. But since her reveal, Reality Titbit decided to browse her gaming profile.

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FIRST LOOK: Our brand new Islanders are in the villa and ready to couple up.. | Love Island Series 7

Shannon reveals her gaming hobby

When they get sit down on the day bed, Aaron asks Shannon what she does.

She tells him she’s a model, adding that she used to do glamour and page 3, before going into e-commerce for brands.

Shannon said she does Instagram, YouTube and gaming. She continued:

I game, I Twitch, I play COD (Call of Duty). I actually play it really good. I can DJ… I’m a gal of many talents.

Aaron appeared to be impressed with her long list of hobbies, and it wasn’t just him who was in shock – so were fans!

Fans react to Shannon on Twitch

Since Shannon dropped her gaming revelation, gamers seem to have decided that they want her to win.

It looks like she bagged herself an entire new fandom, especially those who play Call of Duty, and regularly head to gaming site Twitch for streams.

Some viewers didn’t quite believe she actually was a gamer…

One fan wrote: “Not me sprinting to Twitch to see if Shannon actually streams #LoveIsland.”

Another said: “Shannon plays cod on twitch, she’s won in my eyes.”

“NOT SHANNON BEING A TWITCH STREAMER gamer gals have won today”, revealed another fan on Twitter.

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Explore Shannon’s streaming profile

Looking at Shannon’s profile on gaming site Twitch, she has streamed for 3 hours and 20 minutes – and yep, that was all COD.

She made her gaming channel four weeks ago, which has led some viewers to think she created her profile just for the show.

Her most popular video is titled ‘Excited to be on twitch!! Wee chat’, where she has had 1.6K viewers tune in so far.

She asked people to DM her on Instagram to tell her which gaming streams they want, after saying she can do a Mukbang video.

At the time of writing, Shannon has 1.8K followers on Twitch.



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