Sharron Townsend's height revealed - how tall is the Too Hot to Handle star?

Since its premiere on Friday, April 17th, Too Hot to Handle has quickly reached its spot in the top 10 shows on Netflix.

The reality series follows a batch of singletons sent to a dreamy and luxurious Mexican resort. But soon they get the biggest disappointment of their lives when digital host Lana lays out strict rules of no sexual contact in the retreat.

One of the stars who found love on the show is Sharron. His relationship with Rhonda Paul grew stronger with every episode and all we can hope for is that they make it long-term.

However, as much as some got invested in their relationship, many are wondering about Sharron’s height. So, how tall is Sharron?

Sharron and Chloe on Too Hot to Handle

Meet Sharron on Too Hot to Handle

Sharron is a model from Camden, New Jersey.

The Netflix star is slowly paving his way in the TV and film industry, with appearances in several movies and music videos.

For instance, he appeared on the reality show Love & Hip Hop and in Michael B. Jordan-fronted movie Creed II.

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Sharron Townsend: Height

Sharron is 5 ft 9 (175 cm).

He used to train wrestling in high school and college, though he’s mainly focused on his career in the entertainment industry for the last few years.

Sharron is shorter than most of his fellow cast members on Too Hot to Handle. For example, Kelz is 6 ft 6 (198 cm), while Harry is 6 ft 4 (196 cm).

Sharron, Harry and Francesca




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