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Shocking evidence hints that 90 Day Fiance's Mahogany might be real

Mahogany is the so-called person that Ben on 90 Day Fiance plans to travel to Peru and meet. However, there are some questions about whether they are actually a catfish, or whether they really do exist…

Ben is the 52-year-old man from Michigan who many fear may be the latest victim of a catfish, as he talks to someone online called Mahogany. New to the TLC show, the Season 5 star is on the search for his perfect match.

But is Mahogany a real person? We found some clues which hint that, perhaps, the rumors may be wrong.

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

Ben and Mahogany’s TLC journey

Ben, a former youth pastor who later switched his career down a modelling route, has been speaking to someone who calls themselves Mahogany online. She appears to live in Peru.

During his search for love, Ben believes he has found his match in Mahogany Roca, who claims to be a 24-year-old woman from an area called San Bartolo. However, his friends – and some viewers – think it doesn’t add up.

Remember, this isn’t Catfish: The TV Show, but rather TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, where we usually see relationships happen. Whether they go wrong or end up in years of love, it’s usually all documented on-screen for us to see.

Mahogany first noticed Ben modeling for a fitness magazine and decided to reach out through DM. They bond over their passion for religious views, and their age difference doesn’t seem to be a problem for either of them. 

Why do viewers think Mahogany is a catfish?

Due to Mahogany appearing to have heavily-edited pictures, many think that Ben is being catfished and believe she may not be the person she says she is. Another factor is that her name is quite unique and seems fake.

Then when she sent a video to Ben, some noticed that she didn’t sound like a Hispanic native speaker. Some others have different ideas, such as guesses that she may not speak English or that she could be ‘scamming’ him.

There was also the question of whether she personalised the video she sent to Ben, with many viewers thinking it is not something she has only sent to him, but is perhaps using to catfish other men, too.

Questions were heightened even more when she claimed she was too shy to video-call him.

Clues that Mahogany could be real

Mahogany has a Facebook account which doesn’t look like your typical ‘false’ catfish account. Either she’s really good at pretending to be Mahogany Roca, or perhaps… she is actually a real person.

The Facebook profile states that she attended Facultad de Derecho – Abogacia, lives in Lima in Peru, and matches the exact pictures seen on 90 Day Fiance. Her earliest public photo was posted in October 2020.

She also has several friends talking to her in Spanish in her photo comments. And although the press picture for Mahogany looks significantly different, it’s also obvious that she’s just using a heavy filter in most of her images.

Mahogany also has 666 followers on the platform. And that’s not the only social media page she has, as an Instagram account also shows the same person Ben has been speaking to on the show.

This is even more of a shocking clue, as Mahogany has been on Instagram since 2015. Posts include pictures with her mom and snaps of her looking much younger, as well as usual everyday things like a Starbucks.

You can follow her at @passion70roll, where she has at least 838 followers!

And in terms of her unusual name, one source on Reddit has a worthy guess. They wrote: “It’s pretty common on 90 day to use stage names. Also mahogany grows in Peru. According to Wikipedia, Peru is the world’s largest exporter of mahogany. Perhaps her actual name is Spanish for mahogany.”



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