As sMothered came back to TLC for its third season, it was revealed that Angelica and Jason have a secret to share – they are having a baby.

The reality TV series sees four mother-daughter duos – who cannot leave each other’s sides – share their lives on the big screen.

Angelica is known for her close-knit relationship to mother Sunhe, and recently had been keeping a secret from Jason’s mom.

The secret was later unravelled, when she said she was pregnant. So, where are Angelica and Jason now? How is parenthood going for them?

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Screenshot: Angelica Jason and Sunhe, Mother Invites Herself To Her Son In Law’s Divorce | sMothered, tlc uk YouTube

Angelica and Jason: Relationship timeline

After Angelica moved to Las Vegas, she met Jason, who she initially just became friends with.

Although he kept asking her out, she didn’t agree to a date several times, until one day she decided to say yes.

After several years of dating, Jason gave Angelica a diamond ring, but it wasn’t an official proposal because he was still married.

During the show, Jason was seen going through the divorce process with his ex-wife Viviana, who he was with for around eight years.

Since then, Jason and Angelica’s relationship has moved to the next level. They have revealed on the series that they got engaged.

Angelica’s mother Sunhe has always appeared to dislike Jason, and fans think that that his mom may also not like Angelica.

Who is Angelica and Jason’s baby?

  • Their daughter is called Amara Jael

Angelica and Jason welcomed their baby girl Amara into the world 11 months ago – almost a year before season 3 aired.

She officially gave birth to their daughter on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

After the birth, the 33-year-old wrote on Instagram:

Becoming a mother is by far my greatest accomplishment in this life. We are so blessed Amara Jael is healthy & at home with us.

She added: “Thank you to everyone who reached out. Stay blessed, y’all.”

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Are Angelica and Jason still together?

  • Yes, Angelica and Jason continue to be in a relationship

In fact, the couple’s engagement is reaching the next level, as they have announced that they are getting married.

Jason has been spotted wearing a ring on his left finger in a November post, but there is reportedly no marriage license or certificate for the pair.

That does not mean they aren’t married, but that they didn’t legally get married in Clark County, Nevada, according to starcasm.

Looking at Angelica’s Instagram, it doesn’t appear that they have actually tied the knot quite yet, but they could have plans to do just that soon.



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