Sophie Kasaei revealed that she has been on a couple dates, and has had a boy round, as the Geordie Shore OGs season four launches.

The MTV star’s love life has been closely followed by cameras, ever since she partied in the Geordie Shore house alongside her co-stars.

During the fourth season, Sophie takes us around her house, where she has her own pole, strip club and gym, and opens up about her love life.

Ahead of the Geordie Shore OG new season launch, Reality Titbit got chatting to Sophie about all things dating while in the public eye.

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Sophie Kasaei, Geordie Shore OGs. Picture: Nephew London/MTV

Sophie talks dates and having boy over

The Geordie Shore star revealed that she has been on a couple of dates, and that she’s been having lots of fun recently.

During a group press interview involving Reality Titbit, Sophie was asked if anyone has been her Mr Grey lately.

Both Sophie and Holly laughed, but she went as far as to say she has been dating, as well as saying she had a boy round to try out her pole.

It comes as the MTV star bought her first new home, which includes her own strip club and gym inside.

She said:

With my single life, I thought if there’s any boys over, this is the sexiest thing I’m going to get. I’ll be honest with you, there was a boy round and I did show him it, and I was like strip club, and this is the pole. I always make them do a little test – I’ve had a few Magic Mikes over.

Sophie opens up about dating in public eye

Sophie has shared worries about dating someone in the public eye, as she knows that whoever she meets next will be caught by paparazzi.

She told Reality Titbit that she questions if a man’s intentions are wrong, but said that she reckons anyone she dates does know what they are in for.

The Geordie Shore star continued:

The only thing I do worry about is for what reasons. I do question a lot, like hmm, do they want to get followers, do they want to be in the public eye, I think anyone always questions that first.

Sophie added that, when Geordie Shore first started, she used to run away when fans would approach her, and “didn’t accept it as well”.

She even said that Cheryl Cole once asked her how it feels to be famous and people recognizing her!

Sophie Kasaei talks new romance

Sophie said she initially only wanted a new boyfriend in life, which left her feeling stressed out, and led her to start looking in the wrong places.

She hinted that during the series, people start coming back into her life. The Geordie Shore star previously dated Joel Corry and Jay Bigz.

Sophie also said what she is looking for in a man during Geordie Shore OGs.

She said:

I don’t want someone who’s boring and doesn’t want to go out, and is too interested in work. I just want someone fun who wants to party, and works through the week, and is good-looking.

Sophie has recently been giving hints on social media about a possible new man in her life, after revealing in the interview that she is still dating.

She added: “When it does happen, it will be really natural. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

As reported by The Mirror, she has since found a connection with a man who has the same name that a tarot card reader on the show predicted.



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