Love Island 2018 couple Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown have dropped a major hint regarding starting a family together.

And here we are thinking they were on the verge of breaking up…

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the series 4 contestants, with constant rumours surrounding their relationship. It was speculated that Charlie recently kicked Ellie out of his Chelsea apartment and that they were pretending to be together for the paparazzi.

Well, if this latest Instagram post is a publicity stunt then it has certainly done the trick!

Ellie Brown Pregnant?

The rumour started on social media, where 20-year-old Ellie uploaded a selfie of her and Charlie.

Standard stuff so far.

The caption, however, hinted that she was ready to start a family with Charlie and that the baby could already be on the way.

Ellie’s Instagram caption read: Babe look sexy @charliebrake1 (no we are not miserable we are just posing and yes we look alike, cutest babies pending)

Charlie and Ellie to Have a Baby?

It was the term “pending” that caused the uproar, although Charlie only added fuel to the fire with his comment.

Charlie’s Instagram comment read: Blue-eyed baby inbound.”

Again, the combination of “inbound” and “pending” can only mean that something is on the way. Only time will tell if Ellie meant nine months time or nine years.

However, what we do know from all of this, is that team Charlie and Ellie are very content with their relationship right now.

Which Love Island couples 2018 are still together?


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