There’s only two ways blindly dating someone through a pod can go: incredibly great or really, really bad. We have the lowdown on what really happened to the four Love is Blind: Japan couples by the finale.

Shuntaro and Ayano, Motomi and Ryotaro, Misaki and Kaoru, Priyanka and Mizuki, and Wataru and Midori are just a few contestants who entered the pods single, and may have come out in the same position – or in a blissful marriage.

While Odacchi and Nanako as well as Yudai and Nana got engaged after meeting for the first time, they later ended their relationships when it came to the romantic getaway.

It is the Netflix dating show which has stretched to Japan and Brazil following its popularity. If you’re dying to find out just who made it out in a relationship, we can confirm that half went on to have a wedding.

Spoiler alert: there will be plenty. So, let’s go in blind and find out which couples got married…

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Love is Blind: Japan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind: Japan | Official Trailer | Netflix

Motomi and Ryotaro

Although there are no pictures of Motomi and Ryotaro (yet) on her feed, she has replied to several fans who ask and hope whether they are a couple after filming. Her positive responses suggest a happy ending.

When one commenter simply wrote that they “hope they are still together”, Motomi responded: “Thank you so much. Please watch the rest of show and you’ll find out how we end!!”.

Considering how often she has responded to other followers on her IG page, she seems pretty eager to get them to continue watching the series, which would likely not be the case if things fizzled out between them.

On their wedding day, Ryotaro and Motomi both said “I do” and got married in front of family and friends. Episode 11 of Love Is Blind: Japan also features a segment filmed three months after the wedding, where they were hand-in-hand.

Ryotaro and Motomi said they plan to fill out the paperwork to make their marriage official!

Wataru and Midori

Wataru and Midori are now happily married, and plan to fill out documentation to make their special ceremony official. They were shown in an episode three months after the wedding, which saw them as a couple.

Despite Midori’s initial reveal that she didn’t feel affectionate towards him, she went on to marry him as she “couldn’t imagine not seeing him tomorrow”. They were then pronounced husband and wife.

However, there’s been no confirmation that they went through with it, and they haven’t shared anything on Instagram about where they stand now. While Wataru doesn’t have social media, fans are eagle-eyed on Midori’s page.

Priya and Mizuki

Priya has recently revealed that she is single and “happy”, while posting a photo of her showing off a ring. She said: “I only wish Mizuki the best in life and I hope he finds what he’s looking for.”

Although they broke up, they did actually get married during the show. A later episode released on February 22nd revealed their split. It’s not all bad though, as they seem to be at peace with their decision!

Mori and Minami

Mori and Minami went on to tie the knot, but were revisited in an episode which hit Netflix on February 22nd. Here, we saw that they decided to break up, despite their initial connection on Love is Blind: Japan.

Although things didn’t pan out how they may have wanted, Minami revealed on Instagram that the day she got engaged is one she will “cherish forever” – the proposal even landed on her birthday!



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