Stephanie Lam randomly appeared on Molly Mae Hague‘s latest YouTube vlog, where they travel to Belfast to watch Irish dancing for a birthday treat. So, just how did Steph and Molly become friends?

When Molly dropped her video, fans tuned in to find that Steph features in the majority of the vlog. They enjoy desserts in their hotel room after being greeted by Molly’s followers – while Steph was trying to get a selfie.

This left viewers scrambling to find out just why they recognise Molly’s bestie, and it turns out she was on the same reality show that soared Tommy Fury’s girlfriend to ultimate fame… Love Island.

However, they actually starred on totally different seasons. We looked into their friendship and just how their initial meeting blossomed into Irish dancing and hotel room antics.

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Who is Stephanie Lam?

Stephanie was one of four new contestants to enter the 2018 Love Island villa close to the final. She had been “friends” with Chris Hughes since the last series and had shared nothing more than a couple of “mates’ dates”.

Then 23, she left her accounting job before she went on the ITV2 show and now spends most of her time influencing and working with fashion brands such as Boohoo. Even before the dating series, she had almost 50,000 IG followers!

The model, from Hertfordshire, is now 27 years old and left the villa hand-in-hand with Josh Mair, who she didn’t go on to have a romance with. Since her exit, Stephanie has launched a career in singing!

More recently, Steph was seen enjoying a trip to Belfast with Molly Mae Hague, where they attended the world championships in Irish Dancing – a childhood hobby they both took part in (but not together).

Stephanie and Molly Mae’s friendship

The stars of Love Island always end up crossing over from season to season, with many of them becoming close friends. Usually, this happens when working with fashion brands at the same time, or going to influencer events.

Molly, also close with Maura Higgins, went on the show a year after Stephanie, but they were friends before the series. Steph met Chris Hughes on the Manchester party scene, and it is thought she may have met Molly in the same way.

In November 2021, Molly shared to her story a video of a dressed-up Stephanie as she posed for a photoshoot for the cover of her first single Luxury. Molly wrote: “That’s my girl😭😭😭 Go download luxury now guys 😟🖤”.

As reported by Heat World, Molly also shared a second photo and wrote “Number one fan 🖤” alongside a bottle of champagne and a Spotify statue. The pair have always been each other’s best supporters!

As a birthday weekend treat to Stephanie, Molly recently treated her to a holiday in Belfast where they watched the Irish dancing championships and went for meals out together.

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Where they are since Love Island

Molly Mae Hague has gone on to become one of the UK’s biggest influencers, and now takes on the role of Pretty Little Thing’s creative director. She also works closely with hair brand Beauty Works.

Stephanie now spends most of her time working with fashion brands like Boohoo and is best known for her influencing work on Instagram. She has accumulated at least 342K followers since she entered the villa.

She is also a model for M Models Management and works with influencer company The Blogger Agent, who recently launched her new single ‘Luxury’. On the other hand, Molly is the CEO of her fake tan brand Filter by Molly Mae.



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