16 and Pregnant: Where are Taylor and Armani now? Meet them on Instagram!

16 and Pregnant: Where are Taylor and Armani now? Meet them on Instagram!

Taylor and Armani’s experience as new parents has been followed on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. So, where are they now? Let’s find out…

The series follows the reality of teenage pregnancies, as they go through relationships, adoption, finances, gossip and high school graduation.

Taylor and Armani are new parents who have allowed cameras to follow their fresh reality, and fans have instantly loved them.

So, where are they since filming the show? How are they coping with parenthood so far? We found them on Instagram!

Screenshot: Meet Taylor 🍼 34 Weeks Pregnant | 16 and Pregnant, MTV’s Teen Mom YouTube

Who is Taylor on 16 and Pregnant?

Taylor, 18, is a military school student from Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.

She says she is shy, but that she usually comes out of her comfort zone once she gets to know other people.

The MTV star lives with her mom, dad, two brothers and dog Tank, and says she wasn’t doing great in high school as she was partying too much.

This led to her enrolling in a military school to get back on track, and had plans to join the marines once she had returned home and settled.

When she found out she was pregnant, she planned to get an abortion, but were chased out of the facility by anti-abortion protestors.

Who is Taylor’s baby daddy Armani?

Taylor met Armani at a party, who she started dating two days later.

They were together for two months before she found out he was hanging out with another girl, so they broke up.

A few months later, Taylor found out she was pregnant, before she later started dating Armani’s friend Desmond.

Now, both Armani and Desmond want to be involved in the baby’s life.

They argued when Desmond told him he was dating Taylor, which has left them in a “kind of weird” space with each other.

Where are Taylor and Armani now?

Taylor and Armani’s son Monty came into the world on February 16, 2021.

It looks like Desmond is playing an active role in Monty’s life, with Armani unable to be found on Taylor’s Instagram following or Facebook friend list.

During the show, Armani wanted to come round to Taylor’s home to see Monty, but they didn’t want him to pay a visit.

Taylor and Desmond still seem happily loved up, and have officially been together since October 2020.



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