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Teddi from The Bachelor is a few years younger than Clayton Echard

Age is playing a huge part in The Bachelor ladies’ beef this year, as Clayton Echard tries to find his future wife. Teddi is just one year older than Sarah Hamrick, who he began having doubts about due to her age.

Teddi Wright has lined up to (hopefully) win over the 2022 lead man, and is known to be one of the younger contestants on the show this season. It comes as age became a major part of the ladies’ discussion recently.

Revealing she is a virgin earlier on in the season, Teddi opened up to Clayton about the reasons behind not wanting to have s*x yet. One of those influences is because her mother gave birth at a young age.

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The Bachelor | Midseason Trailer

The Bachelor | Midseason Trailer

Teddi from The Bachelor’s age

Teddi is 25 years old, making her the second youngest 2022 contestant after Sarah Hamrick. However, she was actually 24 during her time on The Bachelor, having been born on October 17th 1996.

How old is Clayton Echard?

Born on 29th April 1993, Clayton Echard is 28 years old at the time of writing. This means that him and Teddi have a three-year age gap between them, which isn’t a massive deal in the grand scheme of things.

When the list of ladies for the 2022 line-up were cast, the producers would likely have only brought on women who matched Clayton’s age requirements. And luckily for Teddi, he doesn’t seem to have doubts about how old she is.

At the time they spoke about her virginity, Clayton revealed he wanted to make sure he was “all in” and spoke about the pressure of being the first man she may sleep with. However, he also said it would be “special”.

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Teddi talks about her virginity

During a dinner date with Clayton – just before he gave her a rose – Teddi revealed to him that she’s a virgin. She also noted that her mother had a baby at a young age and didn’t want the same thing to happen to her.

She said:

As I got older I realised I kind of need to make those decisions for myself. I am a s*xual person and I enjoy that aspect of myself. I don’t like that I felt like I had this pressure to wait. That’s when I came to the realisation that I don’t need to wait until marriage.

Teddi added that she wants to ensure she loses her virginity to somebody she loves. Clayton responded by saying that he feels an attraction for her, but wanted her to know that it’s “more about the connection they have emotionally”.



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