Love Island: Teddy's necklace explored - why does he always wear a chain?

Love Island always has a surprise round the corner, and Teddy Soares is their latest addition to the villa. He’s never seen without a necklace…

He is the new ‘bombshell’ on the ITV2 dating show, and is heading into the Majorca villa to see if any girls turn their heads for him.

Whether he is hoping to meet his type on paper, or perhaps shout that he’s “got a text” at any moment, Teddy is always wearing a pendant chain.

We looked into whether there is any meaning behind the chain, and how viewers can buy the necklace for themselves.

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Meet Your 2021 Islanders! | Love Island

Teddy Soares’ necklace

Teddy is never seen without his gold-coloured long pendant necklace.

The pendant itself is a rectangular shape with some grooves and shapes imprinted, which acts as an eye-catcher in his latest photos.

He is even wearing the chain in his Love Island promo video, where viewers may be wondering why he consistently wears it.

There is no doubt that fans may notice the pendant during his time on Love Island, where we will see more of the 26-year-old from Manchester.

Why does Teddy always wear a chain?

  • As of yet, Teddy has not revealed the reason behind his chain

However, Reality Titbit predicts that it is mainly worn for a fashion statement, and potentially to reflect his religion.

In one Instagram photo, where he is wearing the chain with a shirt unbuttoned, he wrote the caption: “He is risen.” – Matthew 28:6.”

With several followers commenting on their love for the “look”, we can assume that the shape on the pendant could symbolise faith.

Most of his Instagram comments involve compliments on his style, and Teddy appears to have been wearing the chain since November 2019.

As he has worn it for such a long time, the jewellery piece may have a significant meaning behind it. We’ll see if he announces it on Love Island!

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How to buy Teddy Soares’ necklace

There are several pendant chains which look similar to Teddy’s necklace.

While the Love Island star’s piece has small grooves spread across, there are a few just like it available, but with different designs.

One of them includes this gold CRAFTD UK necklace, which is called St. Michael, at a cost of £59.99.

Or if you would rather buy a plain pendant gold necklace, the same brand is offering one for £40, called a Vuto Pendant (includes the chain).

If you are prepared to spend more on a chain, Versace are selling a very similar logo pendant necklace for £330.



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