Watching Love Island is like a plunging, pulling, stomach-turning emotional rollercoaster.

There are twists, there are turns, and the wait for it begin feels like f*cking forever.

This is the 7 stages of a LOVE ISLAND emotional rollercoaster.

Enjoy the ride…

Week 1: Joy

Oh yeah, it’s all fun and games in week one.

As the characters roll out one by one, you feel nothing but joy and jubilation with the fact Love Island is back on TV.

The first seven days are packed with humour as awkward mismatches of boys and girls leave you and your friends in giggling fits.

Week 2: Addiction

It only takes 14 days or so, but from knowing nothing – absolutely nothing – about the topless models on screen, you now know everything from their favourite food to their home address.

You’ve found their Twitter account, Instagram handle and fill your working lunch break with Daily Mail gossip about who they were dating before they entered the villa.

This is called an addiction!

Week 3: Shame

You’re sat with a Domino’s on your lap after making up an excuse to ensure you don’t have to leave the house for the rest of the night – all in the name of being glued to ITV2 for an hour.

This one is called shame, although the scale varies from 0-100.

Week 4: Concern

It was around week four in the last Love Island series where we all became increasingly concerned about poor Camilla.

We image Love island series four will bring another similar character, so be prepared for a heart-wrenching emotional attachment to someone you’ve never met.


What if there is another Camilla, but no shining knight Jamie…

Week 5: Trust

Nearing the end of the series and by week five the majority of couples are matched up.

It’s time to take that big leap of faith.

It’s time to put the most trust you’ve ever put into a relationship.

Of course, there will be plenty of couples to chose from, so deciding who’s truly in love and will undoubtedly go on to make babies/be married for the next 100 years is a tough choice.

Good luck…

Week 6: Stress

It’s almost over ladies and gentleman.

The final weeks are here and you are seriously stressing over the drama cruel ITV2 producers have chucked in at the end.

There’s always a twist, whether it is someone’s ex-girlfriend (series 2) or just a character like Theo Campbell (series 3) turning up, things are about to get stressful in your household.

Week 7: Nerves

Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies, Chris Hughes and Oliva Attwood, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt.

Wow, last series’ final was tight.

Of course, the series four winners of Love Island aren’t going to change your life in any way, shape or form, but the final week of drama will make you feel as if there are butterflies kicking around your stomach in steel toecaps.

Week 7 is for the nerves – don’t attempt week one if you’re not prepared for it.

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