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The Bachelor takes Croatia! Locations of the episode revealed

The latest episode of The Bachelor has taken us – and the nine remaining girls – international! During their stay in Croatia, Clayton took Teddi on a romatic one-on-one date and the other girls were invited to an intense group date.

Aside from noticing the girls with their swords and on their quests for the group date – don’t worry, we will explain – fans were more so drawn to the incredible location.

So, where was the Croatia episode filmed and more so, what went down on the dates? Reality Titbit has all the juicy details.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime

Keeping Up With the Kardashians | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime
The Bachelor Croatia. Picture: Croatian Knights Challenge! | The Bachelor

Croatia filming locations

The dates were all held in the stunning town of Hvar, Croatia. Hvar is a small port town and is very popular in the summer amongst those with yachts and the rich and famous.

The town is full of traditional Croatian buildings and small narrow streets that connect you from one to the other. The port town is also a host to beautiful beaches and pinewood forests.

It’s safe to say the ladies were blown away when they got a glimpse of the town for the first time, Mara said,

We are in Croatia! Look at this place! It’s amazing!

The Bachelor

Clayton himself couldn’t quite get over just how stunning the location was either, during the episode he said,

What better place to continue the journey of finding love than in a really beautiful setting like this. It’s safe to say that love could be in the air here.

Clayton Echard, The Bachelor

Clayton’s one on one date with Teddi showcased the towns natural and rural buildings and streets as well as the local markets, shops and Croatian culture in general.

The group date took place in the beautiful Spanish Fortress which is a mediaeval castle with its origins dating back to 1597. The group date also finished with the girls playing for Clayton’s heart in the local town square.

What went down in Croatia?

The episode was interesting, to say the least, and consisted of a lot of laughs as well as a lot of drama.

As the show gets ever closer to the end, understandably the women become much more competitive to bag their one true love’s heart. So, when the girls found out Clayton was going to go on a one on one date straight away with Teddi, they weren’t over the moon.

Clayton and Teddi’s date was super relaxed, but super cute too. They spent their time strolling around the Croatian town, holding hands and exploring the area together. Although it began to rain, the couple still had a great time.

At their dinner, Teddi decided to make a shocking announcement that none of us were expecting. Teddi candidly admitted that she was still a virgin and said due to her mom having a baby in high school, she felt a lot of pressure to be celibate.

The group date was also great fun for the girls – and for us to watch. Mara, Susie, Gabby, Eliza and Genevieve were introduced to Katrina who was a Croatian knight. Katrina challenged the women to a series of quests and pretty gross challenges to prove their fight and determination to win Clayton’s heart.

Though Serene was crowned the winner, Clayton was impressed with all of the women. We are still unsure about who he will pick to take on home town dates as his final four but fans can’t wait to find out.



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