Brand new dating show The Bi Life is here!

Episode 1 aired Thursday, October 25th at 9 PM. The cast met for the very first time and got stuck into their summer of dating.

The bi-sexual singletons are in Barcelona and they’re on the hunt to find ‘the one’.

Here’s what happened in episode 1!
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Meet the Singletons

First things first the six contestants entered the Barcelona villa.

The group then got acquainted and sat around the table to introduce themselves.
Screen Shot: Ryan The Bi Life ep 1 – Hayu

The show is presented by Shane Jenek and his alter-ego Courtney Act.

Shane kicked off the introductions and each member of the house said a bit about themselves, including when they knew they were bi-sexual and their most recent relationships.
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Daisie was very upfront with details on her love life and explained that in her previous relationship she thought she’d found the love of her life but then found out that he had a wife and a child.
Screen Shot: Daisie The Bi Life episode 1 – Hayu

Let’s Go Dating

After their brief introductions over a Spanish brunch, Shane announced who was to be first to go dating.

Ryan was selected for a blind date and Michael also got to select someone to go on a first (ever!) date with.
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Ryan was pleasantly surprised to find out that his blind date was a stunning blonde who goes by the name of Serena.

Serena and Ryan definitely hit it off and sealed their date with a kiss.
Screen Shot: Ryan’s date with Serena The Bi Life ep 1 – Hayu

The Girls Open Up

In episode 1 both Leonnie and Daisie got emotional as they spoke about coming out as bi-sexual to their friends and family.

Leonnie said: “When I was at school maybe 14 or 15, I was. And then I came out to my mum and my sister last Christmas.”

My friends have always known.
Screen Shot: Leonnie The Bi Life ep 1 – Hayu

Michael’s Date

Singleton Michael went on his first ever date in episode 1.

Michael’s date was the first one to be watched on TV by the rest of the group.

Michael said: “I’m just quite nervous, hopefully, we can just bounce off each other and it will be a positive first date!”
Screen Shot: Michael’s date The Bi Life ep 1 – Hayu

Daisie Gets Flustered

Daisie was up next to choose a date and went with Australian hottie, Adam.

Adam was 100% Daisie’s type and seemed open to the fact that Daisie was bi-sexual.

Daisie couldn’t hide her nerves and said: “Honestly, feel my heart.”

Adam then awkwardly pressed his hand on Daisie’s chest.
Screen Shot: Daisie’s date The Bi Life episode 1 – Hayu

Party Time in Barcelona

Courtney Act makes her first appearance and the group have a huge roof-top party in Barca.

The six housemates, their dates and a load of other hot singles enjoyed cocktails, flirting and a few number exchanges.
Screen Shot: Courtney Act The Bi Life episode 1 – Hayu

Things took an awkward turn for Daisie and Adam when she caught him eyeing up fellow castmate Leonnie at the bar.
Screen Shot: The Bi Life episode 1 – Hayu

Daisie’s trust issues got the better of her when she noticed Adam was checking out her “best friend”. She said:

If you fancy someone, tell me to my face how you feel about me.
Screen Shot: Daisie The Bi Life episode 1 – Hayu


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