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The Bi Life episode 3 - The dating ADVENTURE continues in Barcelona!

Brand new dating series The Bi Life is onto its third episode!

The bi-sexual singletons continue their quest to find love.

Courtney Act hosts a totally different dating show in Barcelona, this episode some of the cast are smitten while others are left reeling.

So what happened on episode 3 of on the daters’s journey of self-discovery?

Mariella and Irene Go Dating

Episode 3 kicks off with a date announcement.

Irene and Mariella are told they’re going on dates.

Irene surprised herself and was instantly attracted to 20-year-old Harry.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life episode 3 – Hayu

Ryan and Daisie asked Mariella: “What are you hoping for?”

Mariella said:

I don’t really mind as look as they’ve got good chat, attractive.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life episode 3 – Hayu

Mariella said: “I’m 33 and I do put pressure on myself. I know that I want to get married and have a family.”

Screen Shot: The Bi Life episode 3 – Hayu

Michael is Head Over Heels

Last episode Michael hit it off with Brummy Sam.

He couldn’t hide his excitement at their flirty messages and spoke to Ryan about how much he liked Sam.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life episode 3 – Hayu

Irene Opens Up

Irene’s date with “nerdy” Harry turned into more of a ‘friend date’.

Harry ended the date by saying that he had loads of girl friends that he could see Irene with, but not him.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

Irene opened up this episode about her sexuality and said:

Coming out to my family wasn’t really a thing. I never really have, I’ve just sort of been bi, been pan in my own little bubble.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life episode 3 – Hayu

Matt is Smitten

Khalid and Matt have a fantastic date before Khalid goes back to Australia

Matt said: “That was the nicest date I’ve been on in such a long time” and felt like he had really found something special.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

Mariella’s Date Gets Awks

Mariella chose “sensible” 26-year-old Tom for her date.

The rest of the group watched her date and Shane said:

If I was on a date with Mariella, I’d sh*t myself and he’s wearing white shorts – that’s all I’m saying!

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

Mariella’s date was pretty uncomfortable to watch.

Things hit an all-time low when she asked: “What’s your type then?”

Tom replied: “I like blonde.”

Mariella came across very guarded and admitted afterwards that there wasn’t a spark between them.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

Courtney Puts on a Party

Episode 3 ends with a huge party where Courtney invited “someone for everyone”.

The group headed to the club and mingled with other singletons.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

Ryan and Daisie arranged a surprise for castmate Michael and got his new flame, Sam, to return to Barcelona.

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

Screen Shot: The Bi Life ep3 – Hayu

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