The Big Day is the latest Bollywood series to hit Netflix, featuring Indian couples who plan to get married. So who are they?

Letting cameras in to film their extravagant ceremonies, the series is a six-part show, with each couple showcasing a different type of wedding.

From varying religious backgrounds, a same-sex couple, and a relationship involving a woman earning more than the man – it shows it all.

So, who are the couples on Netflix’s The Big Day? Let’s meet them…

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Aman and Divya

Aman Kapur and Divya Khandelwal have been together for 12 years.

Halfway through their relationship, they broke up for a year – although Aman doesn’t count it as a break-up.

Aman said they are from a large Punjabi joint family.

Divya graduated in America, before she returned to her home country and was asked by her father to start looking for respective grooms…

Which is when she told him about Aman!

Nikhita and Mukund

Nikhita Iyar and Mukund Chillakanti tied the knot on 30th December, 2019.

When it comes to careers, she is the leading strategic business developer at digital channel Powered By Moxtra.

They had a choreographer at their wedding – which was dedicated to her to create a full-blown performance during the ceremony!

Their wedding was much like a Bollywood movie.

Ami and Nithin

The couple have known each other for almost a decade, having met in the same coaching classes they do for work.

Nithin Zacharias had moved from Australia to India.

He then became the new guy in the class, who was “very shy”.

The couple have seen “grown together”, and describes themselves as “very different from each other”.

What brings Ami Pandya and Nithin so close is because they don’t interfere with each other’s individuality, they told the Netflix series.

Pallavi and Rajat

They began dating back at school, after Rajat used to play with Pallavi’s hair and start picking her up with his feet.

Pallavi Bishnoi and Rajat Swarup packed up and jetted off to New Zealand for their honeymoon.

Having got married on December 21st, 2019, they are still coupled up.

Looking on Instagram, they regularly sing and play guitar together!

Aditya and Gayeti

Gayeti Singh and Aditya Wadhwani celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on November 5, 2020.

Big news update – they are expecting their first child!

With a baby on the way, the couple – who already have two dogs – are happily married over a year after their wedding on The Big Day.

Gayeti appears to enjoy fitness and lifting weights, while Aditya likes to go fishing and go travelling.

Tyrone and Daniel

Tyrone Braganza, who works for research company Diversity Solutions, and hair and make-up artist Daniel Bauer starred on The Big Day.

Daniel has appeared on MTV India before, as well as Band Baajaa Bride Season 9, sharing his hair tips!

They had both kept bumping into each other, exchanging glances, until they were both on the same flight to Goa one day.

Tyrone then popped the question during a cruise over a glass of wine – and later got married in Germany with a grand ride on an elephant!

They both received continued love from their parents throughout their marriage, which Daniel said brought them closer as a couple.



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