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The Cabins: Are Sarah and Charlotte still together? Post-show updates!

Sarah and Charlotte were one of the first couples to enter ITV2’s The Cabins, but they are still on viewer’s minds. So did they stay together?

The Cabins is getting well underway, filling the void for ITV’s popular dating show Love Island – but putting a very different spin on it.

Couples are matched before spending 24 hours in a cabin – and if there is a chance they have a connection, they choose to spend another day there.

Sarah and Charlotte left as a Cabins ‘couple’ – so where are they now?

ITV Press Release

Sarah and Charlotte on The Cabins

The pair hit it off on The Cabins, and lasted the maximum stay duration.

Sharing multiple kisses during their time together, Charlotte treated Sarah to a rap (ending it with a ‘mic drop’ by using a packet of mints!).

Sarah gave Charlotte a lap dance – and at one stage, they had a dinner date set up for them by the producers!

Some issues came up for Sarah, who was worried that Charlotte drank more than her – as she prefers to get up and go to the gym in the mornings.

They left as an “exclusive Cabins couple” together, and were seen driving away from their romantic stay in Charlotte’s car.

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Are Sarah and Charlotte still together?

  • Yes

Sarah and Charlotte confirmed they are still together on The Cabins reunion, which aired on Sunday (January 24th).

They got matching tattoos of cups on their wrists, after spending lots of time together – with just one week apart.

They also confessed their love for each other.

Before the reunion show, we noticed they had left some flirty comments on each other’s Instagram posts!

One example includes Sarah commenting: “Awrh gown gal, you look good”. Charlotte responded to her with: “You look ok too”.

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Where are Sarah and Charlotte now?

Charlotte has revealed that she went from a size 18 to a size 12, as she has been on a diet for the last 18 months.

In an IGTV video about how she lost weight, she added that she has been working in partnership with someone on the food plan she’s followed.

Charlotte said that she “couldn’t say too much” about the diet plan. But as Sarah is a personal trainer, is it possible she could have helped her?

Sarah has also reflected on her fitness journey on Instagram, and has posted some Q&As on coming out and being single for 3 years.

She regularly posts about how to keep her body tattoos fresh, and has been keeping up with the rest of The Cabins couples by reacting to scenes.



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