With the latest season of Love Island ready to start in sunny Spain, you may be wondering what happened to the old villa once recording the season is over. The old 5.3 million dollar villa in Cape Town is owned by Italian businessman Luca Bechis and is rented out for others to have fun of their own.

Reality Titbit has all the info on what happened to the old Love Island villa as well as the famous faces that visit and why Miley Cyrus and Netflix were there. Check it out.

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Who You Gonna Call? | Official Trailer

Who You Gonna Call? | Official Trailer
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The Cape Town villa can be rented out

The stunning Cape Town home is situated in one of the area’s most exclusive locations which have since been named “Millionaire’s Row” by locals.

With 3.5 acres of land, the property – known as Midden Cottage – boasts three swimming pools, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a cinema, library and gym.

According to The Mirror, it was purchased for £2.65m in 2010 before the owner moved out in 2018 and put it up for sale. It is now rented out by Luca and many celebrities have stayed in the villa for holidays, but it’s not cheap. It’s said to cost approximately $103,000 a month to rent.

Netflix rented the villa for Black Mirror

It’s not just guests that rent out the beautiful villa in Cape Town, Netflix used the villa when recording the Miley Cyrus episode of the latest season of Black Mirror.

Miley’s home in the episode was the old Love Island villa and we can see why they used it! They changed up the layout to suit the show, for example, the home is usually completely open plan but was divided up with false walls to create the rooms needed for the show.

Some parts of the Love Island villa set up were created purely for the show too, like the fake grass outside and the iconic fire pit, this is actually from the UK and gets packed away every year after the season finishes.

The OG Majorca villa can be rented out too

The original seasons were filmed in a villa in Majorca and you can rent this one out too! Since Love Island first aired the villa has become very popular amongst holiday goers and can be rented out for £3,000 a week.

The impressive villa is located in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar and is owned by a multi-millionaire German businessman Nikolaus Broschek, who is said to be distantly related to the Queen.

The set has remained largely unchanged since it was first used in 2017, so guests and renters can feel like they are getting the true Love Island experience.



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